Friday, 21 June 2019

Slow Fashion Season

Sorry to be late for the party - I signed up for Slow Fashion Season *details here.  The idea is to buy no high street clothing from 21 June (today) for 3 months, in recognition of the enormous impact  our (greed) demand for fast fashion  is having on our environment.  The target was for 10,000 participants which has been well exceeded.  At first when I read about it  I didnt think I could do it, but as I am already fed up with badly made, short lived 'fashion'  and have been finding good preloved bargains lately realised I am already halfway there.  I have seen others, on their blogs and facebook page, promoting the Slow Fashion Season (Vix and Annie) and decided it's worth being a part of.

What a great start, today my preloved Anokhi Indian cotton wrap over top arrived in the post, costing me about a quarter of its original retail price. It's comfy and cool with shorts for holidays - prettier than a t-shirt and lightweight for travel.  I had a great Ebay win recently with the skirt below...

and have just found a nice little Indian cotton top to go with it (also preloved).

I first became aware of how our shopping behaviour can affect the environment a year or two back when I bought a book called Second Skin, by India Flint,  recommended by fellow blogger *Vintage Vix* .  It goes into detail about how synthetic garments and mass production in the fashion industry, to fulfill demand for fast fashion, is impacting the planet.  I wanted the book as at the time I was interested in natural dyes and once I had read up on that, the book went away, largely unread.  I'm reading it cover to cover now, what a shame it's taken all this time for its message to get to me!

Yes, there is a lot of awful, worn out stuff in charity shops, on local recycling websites and on Ebay but if you search regularly, you can find treasure.  Yes, it does take ages to search things out, but no longer than trailing round a shopping centre and spending money on food, parking and impulse buys... it becomes a challenge and finding something preloved of good quality, your size, at a knock down price is very satisfying.

It would be my late mother's birthday today and I know she would have joined in SFS. In the late 60s and early 70s, as a single mum of three, she was a real thrifter, all our clothes came from jumble sales during my childhood out of necessity.  Those days are gone now and shopping preloved in 2019 is not about going without.

I am really looking forward to this challenge and will keep my blog updated of my progress. 


  1. I hve recently found some amazing new bargains on Ebay, very nice M/S blouses for a fraction of the price.
    It seems to be a throwaway world nowadays, when cheap clothing rules and sweat shops predominate.

  2. Your new tops & skirt are just beautiful Betty. My Mum used to unpick garments & fashion new ones for us from old things - she was really thrifty too.

  3. Good for you signing up, Betty. You'll be a dab hand at it. I love that colour on you too and it goes really well with your skirt. We have a Zero Waste initiative shop just opened up nearby and it's filled to the rafter with clothes and shoes which were originally destined for landfill. It makes me feel sad that people are so easily swayed to keep up with current trends and have no thought to the ecological effects of 'buy cheap and chuck'. Keep up the good work. xx

  4. this challenge sounds interesting and exciting dear Betty !

    i am learning that how important it is to buy suitable and easy to carry dress before leaving for another part of land

    i myself never followed fashion though i adore people wearing finely made clothes and adopting new twists of flow

    you look so elegant in light blue dress one of my favorite color

    dress from Indian culture is so pretty and vibrant ,i bet you you will look great in it :)

    looking forward for updates about venture you joined my friend!

  5. I'm thrilled that you've added your name to the campaign. For someone fairly new to the wonder of secondhand shopping you're doing a fantastic job assembling a wardrobe of quality pieces in colours that look amazing on you.
    Funnily enough I reread Second Skin this week and was inspired to dye a white macrame bag a kind lady saved for me in a charity shop this week with used tea bags, it looks so much better now.
    Your Mum would be so impressed with your clever and thrifty clothes shopping. My mum & grandma would also have joined the challenge, they taught me all I know! xxx

  6. I love your cotton top, it's really pretty! I don't think I've bought anything new in years! I usually go to thrift stores or just make do and sew holes and tears lol!

  7. Such fabulous garments! Love your skirt and wrap over top x

  8. I signed up too! I love the challenge of finding something in a charity shop, it's rare that I come away empty handed (although that's nothing to be proud of!). I'm selling on ebay at the moment and trying not to spend all my earnings on there in return. As a buyer I love the silly prices you can buy things for, as a seller I wish I'd just get a little more... how fickle!
    I've said before how much I like that skirt, and the tops you've found are also very nice.
    Thrifting is largely a lost art these days, but I see it making a come back, the tide is definitely turning.
    Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing how you get on!


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