Friday, 7 December 2018

A Simpler Christmas

I am doing my best to stay away from the over heated shopping centres, pressure to buy and all the things I dont like about this time of year.

This little church opens just a few times a year, it's inside a windmill not too far from me. I like to go, but if I can't there is one through the woods I can walk to and also a big one in the town where I used to be a member, I like the evening services there as we can sing with sign language (I'm seriously deaf so learnt BSL and enjoy the chance to use it with others and to be honest my singing voice is not great!).

I like to visit a church when it is empty and quiet  so I can hear God and feel His presence.

 In the uk we have Martin Lewis who formed the website, he does tv appearances and for the second year has encouraged us to have a no spend christmas, not only to take the pressure off ourselves but also off those we would buy for who might  feel obliged to reciprocate, even if they can't afford to.  Present buying can leave many in debt and without the few treats that could make their own Christmas a happy time.   We have done this in previous years and know it takes any stress right out of our Christmas.  I am not judging anyone who does buy presents, it can be great - but for us, opting out has really put the Spirit back into Christmas.

It's been a lovely afternoon here in Woodland, putting up my little tree.  I had thought it was very 'green' of me to have a fake one but just heard on tv that these kind of trees cannot yet be recycled, so it will end up in landfill.  Having a real tree affects the ozone layer about as much as driving 12 miles in my car.  You learn something new every day!

I like this little snowman a lot.  I always secretly hope for a sprinkling of snow over Christmas, it makes everything look so clean and tidy!

It's fairly quiet here, not a lot going on - We did some more decorating of stairway walls and ceiling, I've been going to work, going to the gym, clearing out our garage, sending some unwanted furniture to charity (our neighbour is emigrating so giving us their dining set which we need to make room for).

I hope your preparations for Christmas are peaceful, not stressful.


  1. Hello dear Betty! Your Christmas prep and plans sound perfect.

  2. Very peaceful here, not getting stressed at all, keeping eveeything simple. A church in a windmill? That is so nice!

  3. Your tree is beautiful!

    I think opting out sounds like a breath of fresh air. Even just presents for kids would be a good "rule." It's hard to buy things for people and adds a layer of stress. I like your approach and keeping the meaning of Christmas at the forefront.

    Have a blessed holiday!

  4. Hi, I'm popping by via Pom Pom's blog. Our Christmas is also stress free since we quit giving gifts to our adult children as well as grands over a certain age. I do share the cookies etc that I bake though I do that all year round.
    I just read in the paper here in Canada artificial Christmas trees can be recycled which is such a good thing.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Trying to opt out but it's not working!You're so organised Betty. I'm wel-jel!!!Love that windmill church.Looks

  6. How lovely of your neighbours to pass on the dining set!
    Xmas is always simple in this house, it's one day, we exchange carefully considered gifts with our friends and go out for a curry and look forward to India. xxx

  7. I also am not into shopping. It actually feels wrong to me. But I do love my friends and family.

  8. Your snowman is lovely....I have a 'thing' for snowmen.

  9. I loved your thoughts about keeping such yearly festivals s simpler and avoiding much shopping.

    I believe that such occasion can be made wonderful and memorable with warmth of love and by sharing hearts !

    Either I prefer complete silence and solitude when I want to be only with my God:)

    Serene church!
    Glad you feel better here
    So loved your beautiful Christmas tree and peaceful sitting are

    Inspiring routine you have for your days dear Betty!

    Much love hugs and best wishes for you and your family!

  10. I enjoy Christmas but I do find it exhausting. This year we decided to do a secret Santa for my side of the family and it’s made things so much easier. We plan to exchange gifts and then play games. I’m hoping we can do the same with Andy’s family next year too. The kids get over excited at having so many presents and there are always tantrums and tears.
    I just want to eat lovely food and be with my favourite people.
    I adore the church in the windmill. And a woodland walk to visit the other church sounds lovely.


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