Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A weekend of woodland walks and house decorating!

This weekend hubby and I went to some local woods that are new to us, on one of those ramblers trails - we printed the maps and off we went.  It was only about 6 miles circular but enough for us to wear in our new walking shoes

The woods were carpeted in orange fallen leaves and I shuffled around looking
for fungi.  I found these at the very end of the walk:

I haven't been able to identify anything with quite such a flower-like appearance, but think they must be from the funnel family.  Any ideas?

I love 'old mans beard' we used to decorate our house with it when I was a child.

These woods are part of the Norbury Estate in Surrey where there is a saw mill, they also make their own blue cheese on their farm.

There are many more walks here, lots of little hidden forest paths and  a river to explore so we will be going back soon.
Brocketts Farm is nearby where they have tea rooms for those that want to make a day of it.  We would rather bring a flask and sit on one of the many benches located along the walk so will bring a Winter picnic next time.

these berries are black briony and, although beautiful are deadly poisonous.

I think the fungi above is amanita, it's poisonous and can be mistaken for a shaggy parasol mushroom.  lovely to look at but not to touch.

this sheep found me as interesting as I found her

I have been painting my house - starting with the downstairs cloakroom which needed freshening up and after 25 years with these tiles, I wanted something different.  When the house was built we chose these tiles and they put them on all wrong! it has always annoyed me as the patterned ones were meant to be randomly placed, not in a row!   The white tiles had all gone very yellow which you can't see here.   I wanted the smallest room to look pleasant for visitors but did not want to spend on new tiling so this was a budget makeover. 

old tiles, before
I found tile covers on Amazon which are plastic self adhesive sheets you cover your old tiles with. They sound awful but are simple to apply and look just like new tiles.

It took about 6 hours to do all mine as I really took my time applying them to a clean surface and smoothing out any creases or air bubbles and then grouted them so they looked authentic and would not peel off in time - hope it works.  The tile covers cost about £40 for about 60 to cover the sink and toilet area.  The paint cost about £10 for the area.

I had bought paint on 2 for 1 at Wickes over the August bank holiday, they had run out so I had to wait until now for new stock but they honoured the offer.  I painted with a light grey and finally hung a caricature of me and hubby done in 2014 on our Cuba holiday for three quid that had been languishing in the garage; it has taken all this time to get it framed!

It's honest, we do look a bit like this, so I quite like it but only for the loo!  

I also painted our dining room and kitchen with the samelight blue/grey
and had my lovely Rima Staines  Father Christmas print re-framed.

sorry about the reflection, this was mounted and framed very affordably (10 quid) but looks so much better than it's old wooden frame.

Next project is the lounge and dreaded staircase!
After that we will have to find somewhere to put a map
so we can start planning our 2019 adventure - Cambodia!

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? one house on our estate turned their fairy lights on outside last night - it's a good display but I think too early.  M&S have frosted Christmas trees in their doorway as you enter - I'm not ready!


  1. I love a winter picnic, haven't had one in a few years.Thanks for the reminder, it's going on my winter list.
    The bathroom looks great! You can't tell that the tiles are stickered. I'm decorating at the moment too, but I'm not making anywhere near the progress that you are. Fancy doing mine too? Please??
    I'm ready for Christmas, sorry! I know what we're doing 24th, 25th and 26th. And probably the 27th too if I'm honest. I'm not normally so organised but I'm glad to have it sorted so early. I'm not ready for Christmas songs in the shops or on the radio yet though! Several years of working in retail whilst at college put me off all Christmas songs for good!

    1. oh yes, the Christmas piped music! I don't think I will be going into shopping centres for some time!

  2. I do love fungi - me and one of my friends were going through my Observer guide the other day and seeing if we could identify the stuff in our gardens.
    Looks like there's something in the air with the redecorating lark., Yours is looking lovely. Great idea with the bathroom tiles, very thrifty. Loving the caracature, too. xxx
    PS Xmas shouldn't be mentioned till at least 24th December in my opinion!

  3. Very chic tiles, Betty, what a brilliant idea.
    I'm not ready for all this 'Holiday hype' either, much too soon.

    1. I do like the holly and ivy wreaths on doors part though.

  4. Your woods are always very beautiful Betty ... I would love to be able to "walk in the woods" Your newly decorated cloakroom looks lovely & fresh & bright. I need to do several rooms in our house after our winter fires & everything gets dulled by the fire. I agree with you about Christmas ... its a little soon & 1st December is always early enough for me. Although I have been making Christmas crafts for months, I don't do any decorating here until then. Happy week to you Betty.

    1. yes I am lucky to have so many wooded areas, surrey is a lovely green county

  5. I'm not quite ready, but getting there!
    Your loo looks good! The tile stickies are a great idea!
    I'd like to see your new walking shoes.

    1. my new walking shoes now look like mud footballs! we have Decathalon in the UK and they do budget sports wear, we got ours there, so comfy.

  6. Did I post my comment before I was finished??Anyway, love all the diy. So fresh and bright now and I love hour little painting in it's lovely new frame. Asda's Xmas ad was on the other night and I went into panic mode! I've calmed down now because there's a wedding to prepare for at work so it's taking my mind off my own priorities. One daughter-in-law mentioned coming to me on Christmas day but I've put them off because quite frankly, I don't relish all that work,shopping,cooking,clearing-up all by myself this year so will be going to my sister's instead and having the rest of them round on Boxing Day for Xmas Lunch.Bit Bah-humbug at the moment, aren't I??

    1. there were no other comments, boxing day lunch sounds good enough to me, you can't spread yourself everywhere!

  7. how beautiful the woods the photographs on your walk. And the varieties of pumpkins on your previous post! how jolly! this time of year. hope your walking shoes behaved. im terrible for new shoes, my feet take an age to wear in shoes. you have done a fab job on your D.I. Y. xx

    1. my boots are from Decathalon, I have sensitive feet and have not had to wear them in, they are mega comfy.

  8. p.s where i used to live before i moved a house on the street had a light up christmas tree in the window all year round no kidding!...yes i agree, 1st of dec i start thinking about christmas but the shops go mad after halloween stock goes.

    1. yes my husband would have a tree in the window all year, he loves all that bling - I have to keep him under control and also stop him damaging my ceilings with paper chains etc! he's just bought his christmas pudding today lol.

  9. I specially loved the painting of both of you guys dear Betty :)

    i have seen your pics in previous posts so i can say you guys made beautiful couple!!!

    bathroom tiles looks so pretty ,either here stuff like this has arrived since few years and we are planning to cover our cement walls of bedroom with favorite design someday in future

    you own such beautiful house decorated soothingly !

    how wonderful to plan new travels every years
    we also have intentions to do so when hubby will retire but still 7 years to go:(

    i always so enjoy your captures of beautiful surroundings,just absorbing!

    hope your preparations for Christmas are going nicely !
    take great care my friend!


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