Thursday, 10 August 2017

I won an EBay bid for another Karisa skirt (reversible, wrap,made from vintage sari silks), this one is mid length and was mine for a fiver!  It's very swishy, ideal for holiday packing as lightweight and versatile and when washed dries within an hour if I do lots of smoothing on the floor when its damp it almost can miss the iron.

I am aiming to take very little in my suitcase as we will be moving around a lot starting with the Cloud Forest and ending at the beach.  Swimwear doubles as undies and beach kaftans are wearable into the evening with a pair of leggings and a little vest.  You can never have too many sarongs in my opinion, the more sparkly the better too - so I am currently keeping my eyes open in the charity shops.

I haven't been able to pick elderberry this year due to the very wet weather and not having an escort available to get to the remote places where I find them.  The UK weather is cool and we have had torrential downpours here so no woodland walks.  My 'escorts' are busy - oldest graduated (YAY!!!) but doesn't allow me to post his pictures here ... both boys are working at the airport until year end saving up for travel, there is much shift work and people arriving and leaving at 4am so we are all adjusting to being woken at odd times, no hot water and the 'wrong' food (curry for breakfast?!).

I noticed on Susan Branch's blog she has 'my' Beatrix Potter book as a giveaway.  I treasure mine - given to me by my penpal Nana.

  It looks like BPs very own scrapbook with letters and pictures and in the back is her tiny black and white first edition book which I colour in sometimes.  Like me, Susan loves all things Beatrix and appreciates what an important impact she made in her lifetime and with her legacy of land left to The National Trust.  I hope to visit Hilltop and see Beatrix's garden and little house one day.

Our house is in need of the feminine touch methinks, we have all been busy working and I have neglected home making for some time.  The only picture/decor is a huge map of Vietnam on the wall - a long distance travel plan - it's really fun to plan a trip and watch it grow, researching places to go, train timetables, etc.  very fun!  Travel is all anyone talks about in this house in fact!    My son's army burgen bag has become enviable and may get stolen soon, I now trawl the internet for sensible walking boots instead of fashion shoes and lie in the gym sauna imagining myself on a beach, in the shower I am in a tropical rain forest and in the garden I am hacking my way through the jungle when I clear the borders back!  Imagination is a wonderful thing (often crushed as children grow but luckily my mother thoroughly embraced and nurtured it, which is why I am, of course, a fully grown wood fairy).

I would like to live in here.  One day I will go back to claim this, if it's still there.  Such a pretty little mouse house, I regret not buying it years ago.

I'm off now to read Meadowland again, it was very good last time round so think it deserves reading again.  .... have a lovely August, I will .. doing lots of Augusty things that I can look back on in the Winter months, despite the rain it's a month full of outdoor opportunities don't you think?


  1. Your August sounds fun, especially the joy of planning your tropical trip. I agree about packing light, besides it is good to buy something to wear when you arrive, as a souvenir. That Beatrix Potter journal is darling; did you see the movie Miss Potter? Loved it.

    1. I Did! Several times and read several books about her.. yes good idea, souvenirs. I have been admiring ethnic jewellery and beads in the shops but hope these will be holiday finds:)

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  2. Well done on snaffling that lovely skirt! It will be fantastic in Costa Rica - instant glamour that weighs nothing!!
    Congratulations to your eldest son. Doesn't time fly?
    The weather really has been atrocious. It wasn't raining this morning so I went to town in a halterneck maxi dress and sandals - it was bliss! xxx

  3. So pleased you're getting so much from that book. How exciting planning a trip to Costa Rica. My holidays are all but over for this year again and I'm already feeling the impending post-holiday doom and gloom. Just have to make the best of this weekend. Your new skirt is so pretty and what a bargain. Have a great weekend,

  4. Hi Betty! I'm excited about your trip to Costa Rica! Woo hoo! Our Jeff went to language school there. His host mother made him delicious meals! My brother and his wife went there with the Peace Corps 40 years ago or so! They'd like to go back. You have just the ticket with your packing/planning!
    I'm sorry it's so rainy. We like a little rain but I know rain in August in the UK is hard.
    That book looks good!
    Yes, I have the book Susan featured, too. A blog friend sent it to me!
    Take care. Working on that letter!

  5. That is the cutest mouse house. I do hope you go back and get it for yourself. It's cheerful and sweet.



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