Sunday, 13 August 2017


after a little random visit to Mumblings blog I realised from her post 'Why do you blog?' that I should blog more about the things that interest me and stop trying to please/conform.

What does a wood fairy blog about? nature, wildlife on her doorstep? well I do genuinly live next to the woods and have got a very real wand made specially for me, I grew up believing I was a fairy and have never let anyone stop me believing.

But I do have worldly interests too, I would never blog about politics and have ceased with religion as I realised that some followers might be disappointed to learn that after 15 years in a very close church community (twice a week within a housegroup, with my children in a youth group that became too controlling), I no longer go to church, that doesn't mean I don't have faith - I do - and I still have a connection with that church, drop in socially ocassionally and have remained in contact with some of my friends; but I don't share all of their beliefs, don't conform and don't want a label any more thank you. 

I don't silk paint any more,, it got boring, expensive and I felt I didn't always do well enough so it wasn't worthy to put on my blog so I just stopped all that and feel much better, I gave my inks to a friend who will have a lot of fun discovering what they can do.

I like painting, being spiritual and going to Brighton beach, I also like material things like shopping, holidays, home decor... I want to be creative but it comes in stops and starts - sewing this week maybe, watercolour occasionally, gardening, decorating my house, who knows.

me being me (and not holding my tummy in!)
Like you, I am just me, being me and my blog dwindled a bit because I couldn't keep up the posts that I felt fulfilled what followers wanted - I had run dry.  I now realise it really doesn't matter - follow me if you will, leave me (and some have) if you're bored - the reason I blog is to connect with  people in far flung places - I find your part of the World very, very interesting, dear follower.  I use my blog to express myself and to keep a sort of online diary of my life for posterity.  That's it - nothing more.

I should add that blogging has given me some long term fabulous penpals (thank you Nana and Pompom), a real life meet up (thank you Elizabethd) fun swaps  (remember secret postman?), the confidence to buy and wear vintage, second hand and non high street fashion clothing (thank you Vix), emails from blogging friends who give advice and help and lot of inspiration for being creative and adventurous (amongst many others Julie, Catherine, Nancy) .   All really good reasons to continue blogging.  So thank you to those that follow and those that post and long may it continue!

I will leave you with a picture of a rescue dog I used to walk, who knew life was short, for living and
totally enjoyed every moment of his weekly escapism - I hope to be more like him as time goes on.


  1. Like you I have felt very ambivalent about blogging lately. There seem to be so many people who have faded away, or who post only now and then. Like you also, I find knowing about other countries and traditions/homelife fascinating.
    I'm sorry you have stopped silk painting. I thought your designs were lovely.
    I think the blogging world needs more swaps, more integration, more connection somehow.

  2. Hi Betty, I think that your silk printing and water colors was what drew me to your blog in the first place and I always thought that your work was excellent... I feel bad that you think that your work isn't blog worthy. I always wanted to try silk painting and canvas painting but with my busy schedule I never even tried. I did some rug hooking but I don't have time for that either and I only post when I have some spare time.

    Looking at your photo, I think that you do look like a fairy. You just need a pair of wings.

    About religion, I say that it's man made and whatever is man made will crumble but God Word will last for ever. They make the rules to fit their way of thinking .

    I still go to my church as it's my community and they are there for support when the going get tough. I don't believe that what the church teaches is necessary all truth but I believe in Jesus's words and his word and values are never changing. I try to live by His Word.

    Blogging to please yourself is a good thing. Being true to yourself will make you feel happier.

    Have fun on your vacation.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. What a great post, Betty! I know what you mean. We really should just keep it up, going along letting our blogs morph into whatever they happen to morph into. I am SO thankful for our friendship and so glad we are pals.
    It is blowing here, getting ready to storm. I've been Jane Austen-ing today, reading, knitting, and drawing. I'll have some tea now and pretend you are joining me for a cuppa and a biscuit.
    That's a lovely photo of you, friend!
    You ARE a fairy. You are, indeed.
    Sending heaps of love and friendship your way!

  4. Dear Betty
    Absolutely - blog because you want to (and about what you want to), not because you feel you should. It shouldn't be a pressure, but something that you enjoy. I look at mine as a way to document what I am doing and have been enjoying over the years, a bit like a diary.
    Keep going, on your terms.
    Best wishes

  5. That was a great read and a lovely photo of you.
    If you're true to yourself you'll always be happy. Far better to write about the things that you're passionate about and lose a few readers than churn out some bland compromise in order to win approval.
    Thanks for the mention, you are lovely. xxx

  6. I'm a reader, but rare commentor (sorry!). and I totally get how you feel. I struggle with it, too. Just be yourself. I did love your silk paintings. You are a gifted lady! What interests you now? I used to do stamping and card making and then got really interested in the needle arts, so I've kind of put the card-making aside for now. I hope to take it up again one day.

    Looking forward to seeing the direction you choose to go in!

  7. I will continue to follow as sure do enjoy you and your blog. Gonna miss the painted silkies!

  8. I was always in awe of your silk paintings, but I understand. My art interests ebb and flow, so why force something that should be fun? I mostly post my art as a record of what I've done because I give it all away. I hope we can all just be ourselves. It's interesting to read about real people and their lives. :)

  9. Just be yourself. How many times growing up were we told that..and it is so true....just be yourself. I do believe I like yourself. Thanks for dropping in on Mumblings.....Like you I used to be a dedicated church goer who has fallen away from attendance but not from the faith. My creativity also goes in spits and spurts as I have dablled inn acrylics, sewing, knitting (my current passion) poetry and flash fiction, and of course, blogging. I'm following now (not a stalker, you know, just following)

  10. Hello Betty, just catching up on some blog posts as have been away seeing to Mum. I loved this post thank You. I think its great to ask ourselves why do we blog? I loved the peep into your life & feel as though I have been following along with you for awhile now ... since your silk painting days began. I feel as though we have become friends, allbeit cyberspace ones. It would be wonderful to meet one day but for the meantime I get to enjoy your lovely posts Thanks Betty Xxx

  11. being yourself brings you a true sense of peace and happiness my friend!
    glad to meet you
    beautiful writing

  12. I like the idea of fairies! love the one you have in the photo. Great blog you have here! Wishing a great week for us all!

  13. I am so glad that you did not let any one to make you think that you are not a fairy my friend and i believe that this is most important thing we can do to our lives .
    our such cute innocent beliefs which are truly treasure to us and give us strength and at the same time they are harmless for all around us worthy to take along to keep believing in them.

    going any temple or mosque doesn't reveal our relation to God .
    it is just part of our worldly routine .
    Connection with our Creator is totally matter of our spirit and heart , If they are at peace it means we are at God's side if deep inside we are restless and our conscience has burden upon it means we are following satan


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