Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hello blogland, hope you have been enjoying Summery days out.  I have been in the woods walking with my friend next door and also with hubby ...

Cob nuts are out although the squirrels always get there first! and blackberries will be ready to pick in a couple of weeks.  The elderberry are beginnging to form and should be ready for picking mid-August so I am checking progress in the hope of making more of this...

I have also been in Brighton often this month, taking the fast train it's only a 30 minute journey and the best part of the day can be spent exploring The Lanes and sunbathing on the beach...

 I am always coming across new graffiti/art..

The beach was fairly empty as it was very windy...

I didn't dare venture in for a paddle  as there were red flags up.

I love seeing the little houses in the mews off The Lanes, a combination ofo neglected, tatty rentals with the odd gem of gardening determination - it must be hard to get things to grow well in the salty sea air...

I mostly browsed charity shops although this is a pretty place, Waiste - they sell vintage clothing and also have a whole floor devoted to plants  The combination works well ... this is a picture from their own website as my camera couldn't do them justice.

I particularly liked their current window display plants which were suspended moss balls like this
and am interested in giving it a try. Not sure how they are watered without a big mess on the floor though!

Source Google images

This is my tiny front garden, it attracts a lot of bees (we have been honoured to be chosen for a nest site on the garage, they swarmed a few weeks ago - wish I had seen it!).

I felt  bit like Ambercat after stuffing myself with delicious fudge from my blogging buddy, Nana
this huge and very heavy package of best quality Scottish fudge tablets arrived in the post as a surprise (thank you Nana)  .... with this pretty card.

I don't feel guilty at all for eating so much of it because
hubby and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday, I just started
celebrating early!


  1. I loved the little lanes when we visited Brighton, so many different shops to gaze at.

  2. congratulations!
    that was a good walk...I've never been to Brighton

  3. I say, posh labels you have there on your Elderberry jars!! I spend ages trawling for labels for my jars (all at work, of course!). I love that you just jump on the train to Brighton. Your front garden looks so pretty but trust me, you wouldn't want to experience swarming bees! The sound alone puts the frighteners up me!Glad you enjoyed your Tablet - must send you a recipe! Have a lovely,lovely weekend and an even better Wedding Anniversary my F.A.B.U.L.0.U.S. Friend. xxx

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I enjoyed your lovely post and seeing your summery images. Have a great weekend. xox

  5. Lovely post Betty ... so wonderful to see such gorgeous blue skies in your pictures. That Waiste Vintage shop would've drawn me inside too. I look forward to reading if you do end up giving the moss balls a try. Happy Anniversay by the way Xxx

  6. 35 years! Congratulations!
    Its been 21 years since I visited the English seaside, how nice to have it on your doorstep. xxx

  7. I remember seeing Joe Swift make some of those hanging moss balls on Gardener's World. I can't remember how he said to water them though. Perhaps immerse them in a bucket and leave to drip? Tracy X

  8. It sounds like you're enjoying the summer days. That vintage shop looks charming, and the beach picture is lovely. Oh, how I long to see the ocean. It's been really hot here in California, so just trying to stay cool.

    Happy August.



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