Saturday, 15 July 2017


I had no idea what a Kariza skirt was until I found one in a charity shop.  I love silk (who doesn't) so always search for silk items ehen scouring the chazzas.  So the purple patterned silk of this lovely vintage skirt caught my eye.

quick feel confirmed my hopes and there it was, a reversible, silk wrap skirt, all mine for £4.99.  A good wash later and a bit of research and I have found it is made from recycled Indian sari silks.  I am very pleased with my find.

On you tube there are lots videos of how to wear my Kariza different ways.

Kariza, a Brazilian native raised in a world of color, costumes, and drums of Carnival, her stage for a blossoming career. After attending college for fashion design in Brazil she moved to the United States in 2000 and made history with her world famous Kariza Wrap Skirts! Due to her extensive creativity and vision, she was able to create a multi functional concept by styling  one piece of fabric with over 100 different ways to wear!


  1. I love the Bohemian look of it!

  2. Love your chazza Kariza.Bet it makes a lovely swishy sound when you wear it!Suits you to a t!xx

  3. I used to buy recycled sari skirts like these by the kilo when I was in India, ship them to the UK and sell them on eBay, they used to pay for our next flights!
    I've never heard of Kariza (mine were made by the roadside) but the skirt looks lovely on you. xxx

  4. Its just beautiful Betty, & such a bargain. I had not heard of them before.

  5. Oh, that IS a lovely find!

  6. it's beautiful! I hope you enjoy it.


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