Monday, 10 July 2017

seaside views

A lovely day out at Brighton soaking up the sun and a bit of paddling in the sea as hubby had business in the area and was able to drop me off for a few hours sunbathing.

 this enterprising couple are using phone boxes for a pop up cafe serving falafel and candyfloss

Just look at this fabulous Harley three wheeler with custom crash helmet.

 Second hand clothes in this shop are mostly £5 a piece they had a lot of Hawaian shirts but I was looking for shorts, lots of the buildings along here have hand painted art above the shops.

I think that bump is my knee, not my stomach.. just saying

You aren't allowed to feed the seagulls here but that doesn't stop them eyeing me tucking in to my chips. They can be aggressive, I dozed off to find about 20 of them surrounding me and trying to get the empty polystyrene box which I was saving for the waste bin. 

This beautiful picture is all embroidered, displayed on sale at the library (which has the best toilets).

I liked these ceramic seagull ormanents, seen in the art galleries in the arches along the seafront.

It was a cheap day out as I got a lift and my lunch was supermarket sushi and then some seaside chips!  I am sure I will back in Brighton for another day out soon, hope you enjoyed the views. Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment and I will know you passed this way. Bye for now.


  1. The embroidered picture is amazing, I wanted a really close look at it. You certainly spent an interesting day!

  2. Wish I was there . . . I looked like a lovely day . . . sea air, and charming places to shop.

  3. Another great day in Brighton! Remember when I pulled my filling out eating the Brighton Rock you sent me? It was WORTH it! (it was a free fix - don't worry)
    You are funny (that's my knee not my stomach!)

  4. Brighton always looks wonderful the way you photograph & capture it Betty. Seagulls can be very aggressive birds .... I have had bad experiences with them before.

  5. Seagulls are so comical! Looks like a fun day at the seaside. Your mention of food is making me hungry! :)

  6. I will get to Brighton one fine day! Nice day out, Betty. Hope you enjoyed your chips!!xxx


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