Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring Equinox

 For me, the first sign of Spring is when I see those tiny yellow star shaped celandine flowers appearing along the hedgerows, I noticed them for the first time last week.  Also the odd wild anemone was catching the breeze.

It is cold and grey here but the day can't pass without observing that it is  the vernal equinox, today is the first day of Spring in the UK if you observe the pagan calendar... a day that we have always looked forward to in my family and on which we would bring into the house lots of pussywillow and catkins in vases, my mother's way of welcoming Spring in.

 I had a few moments for a little painting today, to stop and observe Spring's arrival and to mark the occasion , there are plenty of signs of Spring in the woods, buds are forming and the birds are very busy.

For some who observe the Equinox, today is either spent Spring cleaning and/or planting seeds.  I did a bit of both and planted a few nasturium seeds. At the weekend I planted a new Jasmine too and some hebes into my tiny garden.  I do believe it's good for the soul to have these little rituals.

I am sure there will be beautiful wood anemone carpeting the woods any time now so will be visiting the woods very soon to see them.  In other years there has been a fabulous carpet of the little white star like flowers tinged with pink.....  The badgers might also be above ground now. 

Here's an old picture of the woods with the anemones this time last year to be going on with .
Happy First day of Spring!


  1. Pussywillow is getting harder to find now. I'm not sure why. But it was always the first choice to put with early daffodils.

  2. Love your new paintings. It's very,very cold up here. You'd never think Spring has sprung! I've had enough cleaning for today so won't be observing that little ritual, now that I'm safely at home! Enjoy your week, Betty. xxx

  3. Distinctly wintery in this part of the UK today. The heating's on full and this morning's rain was torrential, it must be Spring!
    Gorgeous photos and paintings. xxx

  4. How gorgeous! The pussy willows are fantastic! Well done!
    Happy spring, Betty!

  5. I see signs and soon we will have much more blossoming and green trees and sunny days.

  6. Hello Betty, its lovely to see signs of spring entering your world as we welcome autumn. I am loving our temperatures now that the hot summer has passed. Spring is my favourite season of them all ... enjoy yours Betty xxx

  7. Happy Spring to you too! I love all the sweet spring flowers. I have a tiny woody patch at the bottom of my garden that will turn into a carpet of bluebells. At the moment it is the yellows and blues of daffs and crocus.

  8. I usually bring in some forsythia to watch flower but this year I've been so busy getting used to a new home that I forgot. Thankyou for this reminder, your home sounds beautiful. Happy Spring to you!xx

  9. Happy spring Betty! Love your pretty spring flowers and your delicate paintings. Such a lovely time of year.
    Helen xox


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