Saturday, 1 April 2017

Last week of March

 Up at 5.30am I sat outside and listened to the dawn chorus.  When it's a little warmer, the best time to start a walk will be now, early, watching the sun rise and hearing all the birds, seeing the light on the fields as our world awakens and the woodland creatures retire to their burrows.   I have a little pocket of woodland behind me so the birds are right up close and very noisy.  Visiting at the moment for food are blackbirds, robins, blue and coal tits, wood pigeon, crow, jay and magpie, wren, chaffinch, song thrush, mistle thrush.  Amber is too old to chase birds now so we sit and watch them eat bread together.

The garden is coming to life, the sticks aboe are to keep cats off my potato crops.  Later this month I will have tomato and herbs in the windows.  This year I decided to let the woods take over a bit so anything that self seeds in my borders can stay, currently I have nettle and violet.

It was Mother's Day in the UK last Sunday and college boy took me to the windmill and the woods. there was much chocolate and cider donated by both sons and I felt very special.

The woods are now carpeted in delicate wood anemone ... 

There was even the odd early a few weeks this same spot will be a sea of blue.

I love visiting the windmill, there are several around here but this is the one you can get right next to.
I have never been inside, although there is another a short drive away that holds occasional church services inside, so tiny you can only fit about 20 people in.  I visited one summer a few years back and found it very special.

There was nobody else here at the woodside windmill as it's quite a long walk across fields and was late in the afternoon so we had all this to ourselves, the birdsong, sunshine and flowers....

Earlier in the week I went to the pretty village of Forest Row... the mission was to get hairclips.

 a lovely lady in the craft shop had some and very kindly put my hair up and
showed me how to use them in different ways.  Below is a little pub that is popular, I haven't been inside but admire the beautiful slate roofing.  College boy is learning bricklaying so finds the patternwork impressive.  I would so love to give that door some tlc though, it needs some wood preserver!

Every shop in this village has the most beautiful window or pavement display, don't you think? there are several health food shops, a florist that also sells organic wine, an organic vegetable shop and a shop that specialises in natural oils and tinctures.  It's only about 10 miles from home and feels like a treat to pop over there for a browse.  There's a new shop where you can join tutorials to learn crochet and upholstering for example, this was their pretty flower display...

This is the hardware shop.  I would prefer a short drive to collect my lawnmower blades, growbags and seed potatos to a shop this pretty instead of big diy store and I like the idea of supporting small local business too.

sold out, whatever it was it was good

and the florist - their hanging baskets are so much more creative than the average garden centre offerings and less expensive.I like the idea of twining the baskets with pussy willow.

Amber is shedding her Winter coat , so we are putting out her fur for the birds, they are grateful.  Imagine all the little nests lined with soft ginger fur.

Do you like a bit of vintage?  I have added a link to a you tube video of my great aunt Olive's wedding, her best man was my grandfather, the little boy was my father.  My cousin had this made up into a dvd and colour enhanced a few years back, the original film was in 1939.  Thought you might like to enjoy it too.  The link is not on this post, it's on my right sidebar.  I have also added a list of the blogs I follow on the sidebar, you might like to visit some that are new to you. 

I have another walk today and a quiet afternoon with my new Leon cookbook.  Lunch for the men is slow roast brisket (I'm veggie so having quorn sausage), to finish we have JK Rowlings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to watch on download.... saw it the other night but there was so much to take in that it needs watching again!  Every bit as good as the Harry Potter films and the creatures are amazing....  How's your Sunday going?


  1. Thank you for those photos of the Wood anemones, it's a long time since I've seen them in such profusion. Forest Row sounds delightful.

  2. I went for lunch today with the eldest lad. It was his birthday and I can't quite believe that I now have two boys in their 30's! I love the idea of those Pussy Willows in the pots. Might give it a go since I have a large Kilmarnock Willow in my garden. I love the dvd of your Great-Aunt's wedding. Those must have been worrying times to get married back then with the threat of war hanging over the nation. How kind of that lady to do your hair for you. I missed my hair appointment yesterday. I completely forgot about it until my hairdresser texted me to ask where I was!!Desperate for some 'me' time! Lovely post, Betty. Have a great week. xxx

  3. Beautiful post Betty - my computer has a virus so I am just popping in via my phone to say Hello - beautiful village you visited.

  4. A good week indeed. Good for you for supporting locals

  5. I loved Great Aunt Olive's wedding, what a wonderful film.
    Your local town is lovely, a world away from our derelict town centre where you've got the choice of an out of town DIY giant or nothing!
    I love that Amber is donating her fur to the birds! x


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