Thursday, 23 February 2017


 Just a quick hello as time flies when you're enjoying yourself and I haven't been here for a while now.... I have been visiting other bloggers but not had much time to post - been decorating a bit and busy with family, work and life in general......

I had a lovely day out in Brighton with my youngest brother this week.  We were pre celebrating both our birthdays and this little day out has become a tradition for are some pictures of the prettier side of town....

My brother pointed out the little black and white house with original windows, it was in a very nondescript side street and could easily have been missed, side by side with similar houses that had newer facades, some brightly painted and some very tatty with dusty grey curtains - this one stood out in all its simplicity like a tardist that had landed.

We ate at Leon fast food outlet right by the clocktower selling healthy (and quite a few vegetarian) meals and snacks.  I had sweet potato stew and my brother had the falafel lunchbox.  Their food is excellent - they also publish cook books available in their shops and online.  The decor is very ethnic, 70s and fun and it's one of the few places that you can help yourself to fresh cool water served in glass jugs!

the colourful falafel stand was closed, it's near the station but there's an even better place to buy falafel - Taj supermarket along the West end of the town have a take away counter and fill their breads with tahini, falafel and salad which is great to take to the beach for a picnic.

The beach was chilly so we stuck to The Lanes...

Khaki seems to be the trend in Brighton for both people and pets.  This owner was very pleased to scoop up his dog and pose for a picture of their matching camouflage jackets!

There are more modern vintage style shops appearing with a mixture of new and second hand clothes and jewellery.

A perfect end to a perfect day was this fabulous sunset which met me when I got off the train for the short walk home.

It's been a busy month, I hope in March to make time for some gardening and painting.  The woods are still very dormant although there are catkins nodding behind the fence.  We are expecting a strong storm over the UK today so I won't be venturing out!  Thank you for stopping by ......


  1. Hello dear Betty! Stay safe as the storm bears down!
    I love the photos of your brother day in Brighton!

  2. It seems ages since I was in Brighton. There is always something new and interesting to see.

  3. Eeeek Your Birthday!!!I've been trying to contact you by email but maybe they've been going into your spam folder?? Lovely to 'see' you here anyway and glad you had a good pre-birthday treat with your Brother. x

  4. Brighton looks such a lovely little seaside town Betty - loved all your photos. x x

  5. Happy belated birthday to you! I'm glad you got to spend it in your favourite place.
    I've seen Leon at airports but never been to one. Good to hear that there's some good vegetarian choices. xxx

  6. So nice an escape! Love the sunset.

  7. The falafels sound yummy. Good to have a brother day. Wish we had more trains to travel around in here in the states. It seems like a pleasant mode of travel. Stay snug indoors. :)


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