Tuesday, 24 January 2017


First visit to the woods since before Christmas!

Isn't frost beautiful?  the ground around us was completely covered in this pretty pattern.

we walked across fields that looked like they were carpeted in icing sugar.

when we got home we made pizza :)

I finished my knitting (it's a hat!and will be worn by my friends little girl)

It was fun making this and I will knit again, I am lucky to have a friend to help me.  This was great for a first project although things went a bit wonky at times!

Here are some colourful snaps of the beautiful town of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where we spent Christmas.  We took the local bus from the resort and explored, I loved the houses and buildings painted in bright colours, it had a 70s feel.  There was a shopping centre further away but we preferred this part as it had lots of character.

Our hotel was very comfortable, with beautiful landscaped gardens, swimming pools and sandy beach with fish swimming around us every day.

we all had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas.

Back soon.


  1. What a pretty photo of you, Betty!
    I love your Mexico pics, too!
    Stay warm amidst that frosty landscape!
    I will begin a new letter for you. Sending the very warmest wishes!

  2. Beautiful Betty ... I agree, frost is rather magical isnt it. Gosh it must've been hard to go from that gorgeous sunny weather in Mexico then home to winter & frosts. Loved all your photos Betty.

  3. How perfect to spend a warm Christmas!

  4. So glad you could get away to Mexico for Christmas. That was a long trip! Pretty ice crystals, too.

  5. Love your pretty icy pictures, the frost makes things look so magical. What an interesting place to go for Christmas Betty! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    Helen xox
    Helen xox

  6. Looking good, lady!
    We thought about going to Mexico a while ago and both of us loved the look of Playa Del Carmen, your photos don't disappoint! I can see what you mean about a 1970s vibe. Who wants modern shopping complexes? Not us! xxx

  7. Glad you had a wonderful trip to Mexico to warm up! That pizza is making me hungry!! :)

  8. Gorgeous photographs and a lovely post :)

  9. Well, look at you, all legs and everything!!Your trip looks really interesting and the pics are so cheery!Glad you got there before the building work started on THAT wall!!Speak soon.xxx

  10. ps Congrats on your knitted hat, it's adorable!!

  11. Bonjour,

    Merci pour cette belle visite que je me suis autorisée en visitant votre univers...
    Vos photos sont superbes et me font découvrir un bel endroit.

    Gros bisous

  12. You look too young for 2 grown boys:)

    Your little plum puddings:)

    my daughter and family went to Mexico in Nov..they loved it..lap of luxury!


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