Thursday, 24 November 2016

Autumn Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving to American bloggers!

We have had some blustery, rainy days, torrential downpours, unexpected gusts of wind and a grey sky, I have ventured out a few times on errands but really want to be inside, warm and cosy... with a cup of tea - come and join me....

 A rainy day view of the woods from the kitchen window:  the leaves have turned the most wonderful golds and oranges, all the red berries on the rowan tree have been eaten by blackbirds, the squirrels have planted acorns all over the lawn.  We have  magpies, wrens, pigeons and blue tits. coal tits, robins and a tiny wren all visiting in the mornings for bread.

 The knitting project is still going but the pattern has gone astray, I decided to just keep on going regardless, as long as it looks like a hat when finished I will consider it a success!  

 I do love painting with these colours, I think it's my favourite time of the year.  There is so much colour around in the woods but walks have to be much earlier in the day as it now gets dark around 4.30pm. 

I made one more bottle of blackberry and elderberry syrup with the last of the frozen berries from the Summer pickings, then used up the discarded fruit in an apple crumble (one for us, one for a friend).  It was delicious with custard and just what we needed on a cold rainy evening yesterday.  What have you been doing to keep warm and cosy?


  1. I can't believe you've still got leaves on your trees, our are completely bare after the storms of last weekend. Very bleak indeed!
    Your knitting looks lovely, beautiful colours and your art is, as always, gorgeous.
    I've been mostly sweeping up leaves to keep warm! xxx

  2. I'm definitely going into hibernation mode so I completely understand about you wanting to stay inside cosy and warm. You've really captured the colours in your paintings, they're lovely X

  3. Hi Betty! Your paintings are so stunning! Yesterday I moved our bed from under the window and vacuumed up a million dust bunnies - now the bedroom seems cozy!
    Oh! Apple pie and ice cream for dessert!
    I wish I could taste some cordial!

  4. Pretty fall leaves. You have done them justice!

  5. Hello Betty, believe it or not, even tho summer is meant to begin here this week ... we are getting weather much like you are. I am sitting typing this in winter clothes. I am almost tempted to light the fire, that is how cold it is today. Your painting is just beautiful & your knitting looks pretty wonderful too. Lovely colours. Have a wonderful, cosy week Betty x x x

  6. I love the colors in your knitting project. I've been watching YouTube videos to learn to knit a hat. I just might be able to do it! I love variegated yarn. Your leaf paintings are gorgeous! The apple crumble sounds yummy! Stay warm!

  7. Such beautiful colourful leaves, and you have captured them so well in your lovely painting. Keep cosy, Betty.
    Helen xox

  8. The Autumn leaves are pretty with the oranges and green colors. The squirrels seem to make a nice home in your back yard. We have squirrels also around here, but I'm a bit scared of them. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season.



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