Sunday, 22 May 2016

Stationery Swap

I joined the Stationery Swap arranged by Elizabethd

My partner was Laura in the USA.... she was a great partner and sent me some very pretty things that I would have certainly chosen for myself - half the fun is receiving/sending things you know the other partner would not find in their own country ...Laura also enclosed four cards she had made, they are beautiful (as you can see at the top of this picture).

Thank you so much Laura for your generous and thoughtful package.  I am glad  mine arrived safely and that you like everything.  Thank you too Elizabethd  for putting everyone together.

my gifts to Laura

As you know I like reading Susan Branch and on her blog *here* is a little snippet on letter writing.  She also wrote in one of her books about the box she keeps of beautiful things to write with - stationery, cards, stamps, ribbon, etc.  I have been wanting to do the same, so Laura's gifts will make a perfect beginning.  Maybe you will feel inspired to make one too.

Letter writing is something that I love, there is the thrill of receiving post from another part of the world, the interesting news from someone who is experiencing another climate/season and lifestyle and the connection with a like-minded person; so I  hope the swap will inspire all us participants to get writing!


  1. I'm so pleased that this time it worked so well! You have some delightful gifts, even cards with your initial on!

  2. How perfect! You and Laura were a lovely match!

  3. Just absolutely beautiful swap gifts there Betty ... your partner sure took the time to choose lovely things.

  4. A fun swap and you received pretties, Betty. Write now!

  5. Hi Betty! I'm glad you linked to Susan Branch's blog; I hadn't seen it before but I've bookmarked it now. Particularly enjoyed the post on letter writing.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your gifts. I am thrilled with the "Britishness" (I made that word up!) of my gifts. Like you, I'm thankful to Elizabeth for arranging the fun swap!

  6. Hi Betty, so nice to meet you through this wonderful swap.My what a lovely gift package you have received from Laura.
    Thank you for sharing that post on letter writing, wonderful. I too love Susan Branch.
    I have special boxes for all my letter writing materials and find it a great way to keep things organized. Should I need to send a note in a hurry It's much easier to do when it's all together.

    You have a lovely place here and I'm looking forward to following along with you.

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend~

  7. What a wonderful swap! I love stationery and you and your swap partner found lots of lovely things, Betty!
    Helen xox


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