Friday, 13 May 2016

A week in May

It seems a long time since I dropped in for a chat.... my garden is planted up, the sweet peas are climbing sticks and I now wait full of hope for the night scented garden to grow into something wonderful - let's hope there won't be disappointment, there are a lot of slugs around.  I found two toads in the shed so have been taking the slugs to them (the toads have a hole in the floor where some rats ate their way in a few years back so there is a safe exit into the damp soil below.  Last night I tried beer traps for the slugs and they have worked well - do you have any other natural methods that have worked for you?

This week I walked up along the airport perimeter where there were some beautiful wild flowers....

The bluebells are coming to an end now and
we are seeing cowslip, dead nettle and woodruff.

Isn't this bottle garden beautiful?  It was given to me by a local lady when I advertised on freecycle.  It's huge, very heavy and an original (Viresa).  I think I was very lucky as have seen them on Ebay for around £35 as they are quite desirable.  I also have a smaller bottle I found in a charity shop for a few pounds (it wasn't for sale but for display so I had to make an offer).  Some of the charity shops in our area do fabulous window displays but then put a sign saying 'not for sale' which seems ridiculous as the items were given to raise funds for a good cause!

As you can see, not much in them yet!  I think cacti might do well and am growing some small houseplant cuttings to add.  Does anyone else have one? I am not using mine to full effect yet as they should have a layer of stone, charcoal and soil and be sealed so that they become a little mini eco system.

I'm off to work now but Saturdays are a good day for me as the market is open and there will be lots of flowers to choose from, I am looking out for some daisies for my tubs..... have a lovely weekend  and thank you for stopping to read my ramblings.  Any advice on bottle gardens or slugs is appreciated :D


  1. I have found a preparation called 'Slug gone'. It's basically just a bag of smelly sheeps' wool available from garden centres. You put it thickly around the plant, for example Delphinium, and water it in. So far it has worked well with clematis, delphiniums and French beans!

    1. Thank you! I will look out for it, I wonder if it's impregnated with something repellant.

  2. Spring is a lovely time of the year to uplift your spirits especially on warm sunny days......xx

  3. The first photos looks like a beautiful landscape painting. The bottles I don't recall seeing before. They are lovely.

  4. Marks and Spencer used to sell terrariums, I had one of those green glass ones from there for my 21st. I've always loved them.
    We're plaqued with snails at the moment. I've unearthed some handsome toads in my gardening endeavours, hopefully they've eaten the slugs! xxx

  5. Hi Betty!
    Your bottles are very pretty! I remember terrariums but I didn't have one. I like the idea of a mini ecosystem.
    Slugs! Such nibblers! The beer is the only thing I've heard of.
    I think it's warm enough for planting finally. Next week holds gardening for me.
    Happy weekend, good friend!

  6. Here in the USA in Oregon our gardens are abundant! You can see in the last 3 posts before sciatica how great my gardens is! I love spring and how everything springs to life.

  7. Your bottle gardens are so magical! I've never seen bottles like those. Fantastic! Good luck with the slug eradication. Wish I had some sage advice, lol. :)

  8. I had one of those big green bottle gardens many years ago - can't remember what happened to it. I've used that copper metallic tape around pots, which did keep slugs and snails at bay, I think it gives them an electric shock if they try to cross it. Not sure about plants in the ground - I think they dislike crossing anything rough, so maybe some coarse gravel around the base of the plants might be worth a try? x

  9. That top picture is worthy of framing!

    Slugs ? I tnink slugs like beer. When they drown, at least they are happy.

  10. Beautiful pictures, so full of spring and birdsong here! We are fighting off the slugs here too at the moment.....Happy May!
    Helen xox

  11. Hello dear Betty, just catching up on some blog posts. I love to see spring in your corner of the world ... Yes I know I say that every time you post :-) Your bottles are a wonderful score I think - I definately think some succulents would do well in them. Have a super week Betty x x

  12. I'm intrigued by your mentire of a "night scented garden"; I don't know what that is but it s I used lovely!


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