Thursday, 21 April 2016


Just stopping by to tell you that my night scented garden has begun!  Today the fence went up :( and the woods are not quite so visible but  I have a lovely big wooden canvas now to cover and today planted honeysuckle, lilac and mock orange. 

things are happening in the potting shed too

For ground cover I planted three types of thyme (hope the slugs don't eat them all! ... please tell  me they won't?), in the conservatory sweet peas are climbing merrily up pea sticks all by themselves.

Whilst waiting for everything to grow I have been painting.  I saw a pretty fern print in Ikea and wondered if I could paint one similar, first few attempts weren't quite right but then I tried my never before used super thin brushes (having read on Susan Branch's blog that she uses fine brushes) and things got better :D

So here I am with a cup of tea listening to the birds.  This morning was incredibly noisy and as I sat for a very long time the grey squirrel and then the birds all forgot I was there; three young starlings came and pulled out worms within a few feet of me, the robin whizzed past checking his hedge nest (bad news, somebody stole the eggs - the squirrel perhaps?) and I listened to blue tits, coal tits, blackbird, wood pigeon - you name it they were all joining in today, it was superb...(reality check we are also about 2 miles from the airport so every 3 minutes or so we get the noise of a take off interrupting, but we are very used to it - so much we don't notice and you can't have it all - the birdsong makes up for the plane noise!).

Bluebells are still out so I hope to get another walk amongst them this weekend.  Today has been hot and sunny and just right for gardening and drying laundry in the breeze and tomorrow - well rain tomorrow but that will be great for my plants!

Something else wonderful this week - our Queen is 90 ... she was looking great on the news this morning wearing fuschia pink.  I do hope she is still around at 100+

How's your garden growing?

ta da! framed (annoying blotches are on camera lens)


  1. Beautiful fern painting, Betty. Didn't the Queen look super in her pink!

    1. Thankyou! yes, pink is definitely the Queens best colour.

  2. It sounds idyllic Betty, sitting in your garden and the birds so close by, what could be better on a warm Spring day!
    Sweet Peas are a fave of mine - do you start them in the shed and transplant them to the garden? There's nothing nicer than the perfume they give.
    I'm glad you can block the sound of planes out - now here's perfect is it! We have one annoying neighbour who shouts at everyone! I keep hoping he'll move one day... alas it will probably us making the move o n e day!

    1. Oh shame about the neighbour! Yes the sweetpeas come out when the frost is gone - mid May maybe and I will try and get them into the ground although in the pots they are lovely on the patio.

  3. Love your fern painting Betty. Its lovely to enjoy spring in your neck of the woods through your blog. It is autumn here but the days are still quite pleasant. I look forward to your moon garden Betty. By the way, slugs dont eat my thyme plants.

  4. Your fern looks gorgeous, I'd wear that as a print on a dress.
    I bet you're used to the plane noise, we used to live in a house that backed on to a railway line, at first it drove me mad than it became part of life and I was oblivious.

  5. Looks like a lovely place to grow peas and enjoy nature inside as well as out. You have a green thumb, Betty. Ferns are lovely!

  6. Your night garden is such a wonderful idea.
    The ferns you painted are perfect. Ferns. There's something about them.
    I'm writing your letter!

  7. I think Ferns are very magical, they evoke forests. And how wonderful to begin a scanted garden! x

  8. The Queen looked great today in light blue, greeting the Obamas. :)
    Your fern painting is so beautiful and the bird song is one of the best things in life. So sorry for the robin's eggs...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi your fern painting is lovely.
    It's so nice to see spring in full swing.
    It's a shame that we have this cold weather at the moment.

  10. I'm taking inspiration from your garden planting mine is a mess at the mo and needs some TLC we are lucky however that we live across from woodland so we are visited by every bird and little animal imaginable. I love your fern you are so clever to be able to paint like that.

  11. Wow. Love the ferns! So glad you manage to not notice the plane noise. It's great to be so adaptable! Right now I'm listening to a noisy neighbor lady arguing with someone. She's the only noisy one in the building and she's right below me. I hope I can adapt! Enjoy your birdies. I have lots of them visiting my balcony. I would love to hike in your bluebell woods!


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