Saturday, 16 April 2016


Bluebells have arrived!  Also many white and pale pink wood anemone...

It was raining but that didn't spoil the walk, infact it enhanced it as the birds seemed noisier and we enjoyed lovely birdsong throughout.   Bluebells will be around for a rew more weeks so I will visit some more in other areas around here.

The first badgers have been spotted above ground at a website I follow *here* this is a place in the UK where you can stay to observe badgers in heated cabins situated near their sets.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage they have April 2016 video of the new cubs seen for the first time this week.  This means Badger Kingdom near me should be active too!

Thursday was sunny here so I planted up seedlings in trays for my night scented garden (I have high hopes! and if you have any more ideas for this they are very welcome  - so far I have rannunculus, night scented stock, honeysuckle, lilac and phlox, oh and a few nicotiana - as I am mostly growing from seed there is a high risk of failure though so most are in the safety of the conservatory at present!).  I have not planted anything directly into the garden yet; as we have heavy clay soil I am starting my tubors and bulbs off in large tubs.

chocolate brownies
 Today it rained continuously so I made cakes (lemon loaf, victoria jam sponge, chocolate/walnut brownies all from Nigela's How to be a Domestic Goddess cookbook - I am not successful at baking but the arrival of a new oven has improved things dramatically!  Everything was edible although not necessarily beautiful!

Lemon loaf cake (to be frozen/will be iced)

Victoria sponge with whipped cream and jam

The robins nest in my hedge seems to be abandoned, there are 5 eggs in there and I have read that they sometimes don't sit on the eggs until they have layed them all - I hope they hatch but there is not a great deal of hope as there are 4 cats that come here. 

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by - please leave a comment if you have time and tell me what it's like in your part of the world - signs of Spring (or Autumn depending on where you are!).  Have you seen any unusual birdlife in your garden?  we have jays, wood pigeon, robins, blue tit, coal tit, chaffinch, crows, wrens and woodpeckers here and until my fence is repaired an uninterrupted view of the woods which is causing me to spend a lot of time outdoors losing track of time! T


  1. What a beautiful... and delicious post! The bluebells are so pretty.
    Here we still have some snow and nothing's blooming yet.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Dear Betty
    Things were coming along nicely in the garden but we woke up to snow this morning and things are looking a little battered now. The snow is melting fast and plants are perking up. No unusual birds here - sparrow, starlings and a robin (if we're lucky).
    Have a good weekend.
    Best wishes

  3. Fun to read about your plans for a night scented garden. Have never heard of a night scented garden, so it will be a learning get experience to see how it comes along.

    So many cakes! You are an industrious one! Bet they are yum the, too.

    And a badger hotel! Will you take Mr. Badger there if he comes to visit again from PomPom? Will go look at that video now.

    Always good to see your posts, Betty.

  4. I love to see the first bluebells, they are just showing in the hedgerows here as well.
    I could spend hours watching our birds. We have a pair of Goldfinch who are eating us out of house and home!

  5. A lovely post Betty, I always enjoy your bluebell pictures. Here in my garden autumn has well & truly kicked in, it has turned colder now & the leaves are beginning to fall. I also have walnuts falling from my tree. I picked 8 apples from the granny smith tree which was exciting as last year it only produced two. Your baking looks delicious Betty - have a super weekend my friend x x x

  6. Looks like a lovely place to take a walk. Brownies!!?? I didn't get any!!

  7. My ranunculus (?) are flourishing - only cheapies from B&Q but they're big and blousey and showy, just how I like my blooms to be. The bluebells in the garden are on their way, poor things had 3 inches of snow to contend with yesterday! xxx

  8. So pretty! Your bakes look lovely, too. I wish I could pop in for a walk and a cuppa!
    It's snowing heaps here. It will melt tomorrow but it's still coming down. Boo.

  9. Too early for bluebells here! I do love them and look forward to finding my first of the year.

  10. It's lovely to see the bluebells in full bloom I missed the daffodils as I've just come back from spain. The cakes look yummy.


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