Thursday, 24 March 2016


I made a few of these little birds nests for friends.  The eggs are quail and are empty (I checked as did not want to use anything rare or precious).  The moss, twigs, leaves are from the woods.

In yesterday's post was a wonderful box of treats from **Helen Phillips** who offered a giveaway which I won.  Inside was a dear little bunny, hand made by Helen with beautiful detail - tiny buttons on her little cardi and skirt. Just the right size for a windowsill or corner of my cabinet (or my pillow even!).

pretty gifts from Helen's giveaway
Also enclosed was this pretty Peter Rabbit mug from Helen's visit to the Lake District and some pretty buttons and threads to get creative with.    Thank you very much Helen for your generous goodies, I am feeling very lucky.

This week I visited Ardingly.  It's well known for the showground (horsey events, antique and car boot sales, featured on Kirsty Allsops craft programmes as a great source for thrifted goodies).  The village itself is well worth a visit.  College boy is training to be a bricklayer so of particular interest were some very lovely basketwork brick houses.  The old fashioned shops that have the most delightful window displays, including one for hot cross buns!

yum, hot cross buns window display at the Ardingly bakery

Thank you for stopping to read my ramblings.  Wishing you a very happy Easter.  Here in the UK it's very wet and grey so we will be tucked up indoors eating our chocolate bunnies.  Betty x

Here are some tulips to brighten things up a bit
come back soon......


  1. I love the natural look of your nests Betty and congratulations on your wonderful giveaway win. The bunny is very cute. Happy Easter to you and your family xx

  2. Very impressed that your son is training to be a brickie, I know a couple and they're always in work.
    No really sure what I'm supposed to do at Easter, people keeping wishing me one but I'm a chocolate hating Atheist whose self-employed so it doesn't mean a lot, I'm afraid.
    Lovely nest and gorgeous art! x

  3. Betty you were the perfect person to win Helen's lovely giveaway - what joy!
    This is an interesting village to visit - love the bakers hot cross buns display - how very creative.
    It's good to hear that your son is doing a trade - it is so hard to get good tradesmen these days.
    Happy Easter to you too.

  4. Congratulations on your winning those beautiful gifts just in time for Easter. A creative way to display Hot Cross Buns
    I have my recipe on the kitchen counter to make Hot Cross Buns tomorrow. We still have lots of snow on the ground after the last snow storm and it supposed to be bad weather again tomorrow.

    Wishing you and your love ones a Happy Easter.

  5. Love the nest too. Very pretty and spring looking.

  6. Hi Betty! Oh! I love the goodies you received from Helen. The bunny is precious. You go on the best field trips.
    Happy Easter, sweet friend!

  7. Your nests are beautiful Betty, I love to collect windfallen birds nests. That wee bunny you won in the giveaway is just delightful. Happy Easter to you my friend x x

  8. Hot cross buns made me smile! Love your painting of tulips!

  9. Those little bird nests with eggs and moss are sweet, and I am coveting that Peter Rabbit mug. It looks like spring!

  10. Beautiful and charming gifts! My son-in-law is a stone mason. Maybe kind of related to bricklaying? He loves it and finds it very creative. Have a blessed Easter! Enjoyed listening to the birdies! :)

  11. I love little birds nests and yours is so beautifully made with those delicate little eggs! So happy you liked the giveaway gifts...your photos of them are very are sweet. The hot cross buns in the baker's window look amazing. Happy Easter, Betty!
    Hope the sun pops out a bit tomorrow!
    Helen xox

  12. Hi congratulations on winning Helens give away.
    I bet it made your day when it arrived. Then the hard decision where to put the bunny.
    Your blog is very bright and sunny.


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