Sunday, 21 February 2016

This Week

My neighbours little girl has been baking and brought me goodies this week:
and our Spanish neighbours went home to family then came back with my favourite caramel nuts in a pretty tin made by their mum.  She brought some when she came here at Christmas too!  They have 3 cats, Amber is learning to accept them after 2 years of sulking, they need strokes and cuddles when their family are away which is not difficult for me :D
out on my day off I went out for a drive .....


About 30 mins from here is the village of Shere, in the Surrey Hills. It's quite well known for its very old and picturesque houses and close enough to make a nice afternoon out.

Most of the houses and shops look like this, very old and pretty with lots of history.
College boy found the doors to the shops and houses are much smaller than him (6 feet tall)
The pub has original stocks on display... don't you love this pretty house sign (the house looked empty but probably not for long - the staff at the post office told me 3 bedroom houses in this village sell for a million pounds and are highly sought after!).

It was a weekday, overcast and grey, very few tourists and the church was empty - in fact we were surprised to find it unlocked.  The heavy wood door fits into old stone and is very hard to open and shut - there are written instructions on the inside of how to get out if the door sticks shut! (which it did of course).  Lots of pretty nooks and crannies, beautiful hand made tapestry kneelers. 

This icon has been dated by the British Museum to C13 found nearby and displayed in the church.

I like that they have mentioned the dog/owner who dug the icon up!

I love these old houses with their cottage gardens and colourful brickwork

We found the road went across a small ford at one end of the village but the water was not deep here  as long as you drive straight and there was a footpath to the side so no wet feet! 

The tiny front gardens to the houses are so pretty - in the Summer some open their back gardens to the public for £3 a peek so I will be going back to take a look in a few months time.

flowerpot men brighten a Winter garden - tiny space crammed with pretty things

There are many beautiful towns and villages local to me, places I usually pass without stopping or always mean to visit 'one day'.   This Summer I will try to plan my time better so I can visit more of these places and take in some of the pretty farmland/woodland walks too.

I have some new paints and brushes.  Ambercat  is always looking for a chance to steal my brushes to chew on, she's sitting here very politely hoping I won't notice her plan (by the way, do you like my cat mug? (hubby bought me the set) it's cheery and features a ginger kitty.

I had post! from America! - my blogging buddy **Pompom** wrote - isn't her writing elegant? - very Susan Branch style!  Letter reading/writing should always be accompanied by tea and cake I believe. 

Thank you to Catherine for highlighting this beautiful book ( 'How to be a Wildflower' by Katie Daisy) on her **blog** I have ordered my copy on Amazon - it is going to be so much fun to use, can't wait for it to arrive (about 5 weeks of suspense).

Here's a little watercolour posy of Spring flowers for you as a thank you for stopping by.
feel free to keep the cobwebs away until next time I am here ... that would be perfect x

until next time ....when it will most definitely be Spring here in the UK.


  1. What a charming village to visit. It does make you wonder how people lived in such low ceilinged houses.

  2. Such a charming town. Your son looks so big beside that door, and am certain he had to stoop toget in all the shops.

    Ambercar posed perfectly for you. Cute. And love your spring sp at of watercolor flowers.

  3. Hi Betty, the first thing I noticed was the cat mug next to the tin of caramel nuts.
    I love all those wonderful houses, the people must have been very short way back then. I saw similar old houses in scotland on my visit to Glasgow where my oldest daughter lives when we travelled to the Highlands.

    A good thing there was instructions on how to get out if the door got stuck otherwise it would have been ghostly scary.

    Take care and have a great week.

  4. Looks like such a cool place to visit. I saw buildings similar when I visited England, Scotland and a wee bit of Wales long ago. I loved it. You going to go back for the jumble sale?

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful outing Betty. You got some lovely photos of the Village. Your neighbours baking looks very tasty too. I read about that book on Catherines blog & it made me feel inspired too ... I have marked it on my wish list to purchase.

  6. How pretty Shere looks I've never been but it's going on my list of UK places to visit this year. I love the flowerpot men it took me back to watching Bill and Ben as a child. We live close to West Wycombe village which is tiny and part of the Dashwood estate of the hell fire club fame. The doors into the houses are tiny like those in Shere.

  7. Spring? No sign of it here in the Midlands although Jacob keeps trying to come out of hibernation! No blooms or frost-free mornings yet!
    Lovely village scenes, it's like a different world to this townie.
    Eek, cats! xxx

  8. Hello sweet friend! Amber cat is so cute, plotting her chew.
    I am going to write you another letter (I've begun) and I bought UK postage today.
    I like How to Be a Wildflower! I put some photos on my blog today.
    You could do that kind of painting!
    Great photos today, Betty!

  9. I hope you'll be able to visit many charming villages this spring and summer. Many of us in the U.S. are so envious that you are able to do so! :) Yes, Pom's letters are works of art, aren't they?

  10. That book is very you! I however have decided that the Northern Irish climate is too wet and cold for me to be a happy wildflower!

  11. Oh how lovely Betty. I love seeing the interesting places that you explore & visit. I'm glad they let you know how to get out the door of the church again! Awkward if it was dark. The Gable Cottage sign is so sweet. I am all for taking the time to explore right where you live.
    How delightful, a letter from Pom Pom.
    I hope you enjoy the Katie Daisy book. It does look charming.
    Much love from way over here, Catherine x0x0x

  12. I so enjoy our English countryside photos, for I long to return to England, especially now that I have some blog friends there. You are so right about home grown potatoes being better. And I do like the idea of starching the towels to frame. AmberCat is a cute one. Ours is snooty and not very friendly, a rescued feral baby now ten years old. Have a wonderful week.

  13. I love this post, it has everything in it I enjoy to read! Gorgeous village and you're so lucky with your neighbours. Anita xx


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