Sunday, 1 November 2015

Seasonal decorations from physalis seed heads......

thought they would make a change from the usual pumpkins and cobwebs!

and the odd pumpkin ...very pretty and thinking we might make some soup with them.

Our weekend has been foggy, we had a bbq last night with friends and today has been a 
lazy day of tv catch up and reading library books.
How's your weekend going?


  1. I grew those Chinese lLanterns in my garden many years ago. I used them as a decoration in a vase. I thought they were so pretty.

    We had a very quiet weekend and now I'm waiting for visitors from the north of our province.

  2. Oooops! My first comment went away. Anyway, we are packing and organizing as we leave early in the morning.
    Butternut squash makes good soup, too. One of my book club ladies made some for us and it was creamy and good.
    I hope your week perks along nicely and you are able to take a woodland walk or two! (BIG HUG!)

  3. Love the physalis wreath. Simple yet really effective. A bit like my mindset at the moment! I've had a completely self-indulgent weekend because I decided it was time to start saying 'no' and apart from a couple of persistent phone calls yesterday, I almost got away with it too! All systems go from now until my Mother moves on 4th December so I'm taking the chances while the going's good! What ya reading?

    1. ha ha, the boy who taught the bee keeper to read! (which you sent me of course)

  4. Beautiful chinese lanterns Betty - I do love those flowers with their papery feel. Your pumpkins are gorgeous too.

  5. I love Chinese lanterns. We've tried numerous times to grow them but they don't like our soil.

  6. One of my brigade of chefs would refer to physalis as "syphilis", very embarrassing when he was phoning through our veg order! xxx

  7. I LOVE those seedhead thingys! Very pretty!

  8. My Chinese Lanterns did not come up this year, I miss them. Love your gorgeous seasonal decorations! x

  9. OH Betty, these are beautiful! I love these and they SO clearly remind me of my Grandmother's house as she had some in a a vase SUCH clear memories, thank you. You did something lovely with them!x
    P.S. Love the birdsong and I meant to say, I loved all your annotations in Mr Badger's book!!!x

  10. Ohhhh I love Chinese lanterns-- they look beautiful in your wreath.. I saw some lovely "fake" ones at the craft store. I regret that I didn't buy them...

    I'd love to wish you a lovely holiday season-- and the happiest of New Year beginnings...

  11. Thanks for your comments about Mr. Badger!! It's been so fun to have him. :) My mom's just painted his portrait. :) She's enjoying him too. Have a good week!

  12. Hi Betty,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Your so lucky to have those bluebell woods on your doorstep. Wish we had them in The Netherlands! I did not want to leave for home....

    Madelief x


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