Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Many of the bloggers I visit are very busy creating the most wonderful crafts .... are you watching Kirsty's Handmade Christmas? her tv program has some very pretty ideas and inspiration.   I have a bucket full of woodland wonder to make into festive decorations but am almost content with the dried wreath I have made for indoors.

I brought out the boys sacks - 21 and 17 years old now but only the tinsel is tatty and that's just because Ambercat pulls at it sometimes.  I made these when the boys were born to fill with toys each year.  Do you have a handmade tradition?

On my days off I have been watching the entire 3 series boxed sets of Stella as we upgraded our tv package and this became accessible!  I love her and the little Welsh village she lives in.

I just finished reading Ice Twins. Not my normal reading choice but recommended by a work friend and an interesting twisting plot throughout.

I gave my copy of Simple Abundance away so have requested this and another Sarah Ban Breathnach book  from the library to read over Christmas.

I have noticed so many people enjoying the adult colouring books this year - a number of colleagues have one, this kind of art awakens creativity I think and encourages those who think they aren't able to paint or draw to give it a go.  

This year I wanted something different so made a fresh swag for the front door - I raided the woods for pine, that lovely ivy that has the big clumps of berries, holly - and some further pilfering of berried bushes that were overhanging walls and gardens round and about so it was free apart from the cost of some floristry wires.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet so am off to put that right... thanks for stopping by,


  1. Like that swag on the door (and the Christmas father too)

  2. I watched 3 seasons of Stella and loved it! Your door decoration is very pretty!

  3. We opened the Advent calendar yesterday and my jaw dropped when I realised it was suddenly the 16th! Not a thing bought- or indeed even made so you are beautifully ahead of me! Your talents remain jaw-dropping too!

  4. That festive spray looks great on your door.
    The Ice twins looks intriguing, I think I'd have grabbed that in a chazza! xxx

  5. Your door swag is lovely Betty.

  6. How fabulous your door swag is and I'm taking inspiration from your wreath. My old twig wreath needs jazzing-up so I'm copying yours. That book looks spooky. Hope you made some headway with your shopping. xxx

  7. Your wreath & your swag are just lovely Betty - I love the natural look of them - nothing artificial, just beautiful. That book does look interesting, have not heard of that one before. Also do not know about the Stella series ... we must be quite behind at the bottom of the world down here :-)

  8. I have a wreath on my door that I bought after Christmas one year. It is lovely even if it is fake. Your swag is lovely! I have done very little Christmas shopping and having to cut back due to finances. Some are getting as homemade item.

  9. Kirstie is queen of Christmas! Seasons greetings Betty to you and all those in the fairy wood. :)

  10. Betty - love that swag! Just stopping by to send you and yours Christmas greeting and wish you all the best for 2016! xxx


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