Sunday, 12 July 2015

It was lovely to sit and paint in the garden this week, experimenting with different styles.  We have had some really hot days in the UK but today we have light rain and a breeze which very refreshing.
ink on silk
watercolour on paper
I have picked a lot of lavender and fallen rose petals to make some pot pourri and lavender bags,  will make them up when nothing better to do!

I am reading Lonely Planet, 'Better Than Fiction' on my Hudl this week
a great collection of travel writers' favourite tales and encounters.  

I won two bids on EBay for
these Anokhi for East  sarongs
I love these fabarics, they are block printed by hand for this label
usually very pricey but I only paid around £5 each for them
so feeling pleased.

Just need a holiday now to wear them - or do I, even?
they can be scarves and wraps too perhaps.


On the subject of travel, after cancelling our trip to Tunisia, we didn't feel the need to rush so are now enjoying making plans for somewhere next year, a lot of the fun of travel (I think) is the planning.  Our family enjoy getting together to discuss where we will go, what we will do when there - comparing notes, prices and destinations.  We fill a folder with pictures and ideas.

We enjoyed dinner at our Spanish neighbours last night and were introduced to some new flavours (sweet potato, onions, pasta, chicken, corn, all marinated and cooked in herbs, marinated fruits...)  In particular I am addicted to the caramelised, sugar coated almonds and delicious dry, crunchy, almond biscuits their mother makes.  
We were given plenty to take home too.

source: Google Images

I have been catching up on favourite blogs -
ones that influence me the most lately are:

Vintage Vixen *here*
for her visits to Goa and her fashion finds/advice
(since following this blog I have acquired a maxi dress for every day of the week and regularly
scour local thrift shops for more)

Moon to Moon *here*
for features on stylish homes;
I am very drawn to the features that show colour, plants and natural materials being used to style a home, there is plenty of inspiration on this blog.

Craig Jones blog *here*
for exceptional wildlife photography

maybe you will have time to take a look, have a good week.


  1. Thank you for a few new blog suggestions, Betty! Yum, the Spanish food looks delicious.
    Your paintings are ALWAYS so pleasing!

  2. So glad you are not going to Tunisia, Betty.

  3. I so love your painting! It has such a gentleness and a calming feeling when I see it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Beautiful silk paintings there Betty & I love your two new sarongs. Thanks for the new blogs to check out xx

  5. Those sarongs look beautiful .... what a coup! Am off to follow up one of your blog suggestions.
    Have a good week.

  6. This post was a feast for the eyes! I love your paintings and the sarongs are beautiful as well. I may just follow up on those links you mentioned. Have a lovely day!

  7. Thank you for the shout out, Betty! What an honour.
    I loved that LP compilation. That should give you food for thought for your next trip. I'm so sad about Tunisia - especially as three of the victims were from Walsall.
    Your baking and art look fantastic.
    Those East sarongs are fab.What a bargain. xxx

  8. I am so glad that your UK heat wave, has receded. Here, we are into one. After many weeks of cooler and wet weather. It is full, high summer here now!!!

    Lovely to enjoy your weather, while doing something which you love to do.

    I'm seeing blogs, sharing links to other blogs, of late. :-) I just did so, myself. It's quite sweet and friendly, to do this.... Exposing our own Dear Readers, to blogs we enjoy... And thus, try to expand their readership.


  9. I love Vix - she rocks everything she wears. Good score on the sarongs. They would absolutely look great as scarves, shoulder-wear too. Also loving your new pics. That blue is just such a zingy summer colour. Have a great week, Betty. x

  10. Lovely flower paintings, and the sarong fabrics are gorgeous. The biscuits look delicious. Thanks for sharing those links.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox


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