Monday, 6 July 2015

I planted hollyhocks but the slugs keep eating them, they aren't growing fast enough to flower,
 so I painted what I would like to see....

It has been very hot here and was lovely to sit out in the garden painting today.
I will be absent from my blog for a while as catching up on things and maybe the odd day out.
Back soon.


  1. Love your painting of the hollyhocks! I'd frame and hang it!

  2. Beautiful hollyhocks , Betty! Slugs are a problem in moist climates, aren't they? I didn't know they eat hollyhocks.
    I'll miss you.

  3. Beautiful painting. Enjoy the sun :)

  4. So pretty.
    I wage a continual battle with slugs and snails.

  5. Missing you already, Mate!! FABULOUS Hollyhocks and I love the little daisies too. I like the warmth but not that intense heat that you've been having. We only had it on two days last week so that's probably been Summer in Scotland!

  6. Beautiful painting of hollyhocks, Betty. I love them ,too. My neighbor has some pink one in his garden. Last days it was extremly hot here, I think, to hot for the slugs, so the flowers had a chance to grow up. :-)


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