Saturday, 4 July 2015


Hubby took me to Eden Project in Cornwall.  We stayed at a small boutique style B&B which served the most amazing (unexpected) full cooked vegetarian breakfast of haloumi, home made sweetcorn fritters, tomato, mushrooms, toast, and a help yourself bowl of fresh fruit (strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, mango), yoghurts, honey - pots of tea! all included in our price - The bed was comfy with luxurious fresh, ironed cotton sheets.  I felt it was worth mentioning as they are such lovely friendly people  (they even have spare reading glasses available!).

  The day at Eden was crammed, there is so much to see.

The flower (above) Titan Arum is due to bloom any day - only for 48 hours!

Torch Ginger


My favourite part of Eden is the allotment area - full of old fashioned allotment gardening with vegetables in neat rows - nice old sheds and terracotta pots, foxgloves were everywhere, one of my favourites.


I did not see many bees - there are three hives in the gardens and there is, of course, this pretty bee structure with some info about bees .... but I think that as they expand and improve it would be lovely to see much more on bees - our planet cannot survive without them - a glass wall with a one way mirror to view hives would be wonderful.

That's all for now.  Betty :D


  1. It is years since we visited Eden, and I'm sure it has changed a lot. Still a fascinating place.

  2. /wonder what it looks like when it blooms!

  3. What a great visit to the Eden project! And your B and B with its wonderful breakfast sounds like a great find too.
    Happy new week, Betty.
    Helen xox

  4. don't know much about eden, but i'm sure i can look it up, on the net.

    what a delightful b&b!!!! oh we used to always stay in b&b's when we went away. back in the day, when he could still drive distances. :-) lovely memories.


  5. Looks and sounds like Paradise to me! The scariest thing ever happened at work last week = a swarm of bees arrived! They were battering themselves against the glass roof of the conservatory. It was an awesome sight but the noise they make when they swarm is really scary! They eventually settled in a tree, where they still remain and are enjoying the sweet pickings from all the flowers in the garden. Glad you had such a lovely little break. Speak soon. xxx

  6. This is somewhere I would love to visit. I've not been to cornwall for many years. This is a reason to return soon. As a fellow veggie I was most impressed by the breakfast menu! What a super place to stay.

  7. It looks as fabulous as I expected. I would love to visit!
    Jacqui x

  8. Love Eden and you are right, it would be great to be able to see something more on Bees there. Perhaps you ought to suggest it to them? They have had such vision and would probably welcome comments. That B&B sounds perfect!

  9. I've never been to the Eden Project and I've always wanted to. It looks wonderful and the B&B sounds incredible. I'm hungry just reading your description of breakfast, yum! x


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