Thursday, 2 July 2015


Badger has been visiting on his world tour from Pompomsponderings.  He brought his book, Wind in the Willows, with him which I have read again and enjoyed, Badger is now about to depart and head over to his next hostess,  Tracing Rainbows so here's a few snaps of his last adventure with me:

Brighton sea front

We had to see the sea before Badger left so had a day in Brighton.  I love merry-go-rounds (in fact I have a relative who has the fabulous job of travelling around fixing the very old ones as it is a bit of a lost skill).  This one on Brighton Sea Front is the most beautiful, vibrant sight as you approach.

I spent the day mostly lying on the beach but also explored the lanes, ate falafel wraps from my favourite Taj supermarket and sat in the shade of the park before catching the train home.  I always leave the car at home as the train journey is enjoyable and fast.

a quick check for chocolate samples at my favourite shop
Choccy-woccy-doo-da are famous for their hand made chocolates, a friend had her wedding cake made by them - it was all white chocolate - delicious.  They have parties for all ages upstairs where you can eat as much chocolate as you can manage.  At Easter they do the most amazing displays of chocolate rabbits and eggs - some enormous.  Expensive but special.

One more look at my favourite art shop - this picture in the centre has been there for well over a year - I can't understand why it won't sell (apart from the hefty price tag) - it's beautiful, made with resins so it sparkles as though it is glass.

Bought a bright hula hoop for my neice (had to try it out, obviously) on the way home a surprising number of ladies commented, two on the train reminisced of their hooping days and a lady in a pub garden got very excited and told me she goes to a 'hooping class' - there was a very good hooper on Britains Got Talent (uk tv talent show) recently - I wanted her to win.

Pretty front garden off one of The Lanes
People here love their gardens and I often take detours round the back of peoples homes along the little alleyways around the town to peep through holes in the walls and gates to see how their gardens are doing!

Window shopping in The Lanes - I might try this dress on next time
(sometimes trying is enough, almost as good as buying!) perfect for someone going to a wedding or to visit the Queen, don't you think? 

A shop that sells radiators in any colour of your choice, I think this is a new shop and will be popular with all those people in huge houses with big chunky old fashioned radiators with peeling, yellowing paint - just get one of these!  I would get a green one and then paint the room like a forest with leafy wallpaper!  Orange would look good too, like a giant toucan bird in the room - giving a sort of jungle feel  - I love how colour sparks the imagination!

Brighton station flower stall.

So today Badger is being wrapped up gently and posted on to his next blogging adventure as he works his way around Europe, follow his adventures on the links at top of my post.

Footnote:  Friends, thank you for your emails of concern ...  I cancelled our family holiday to Tunisia this coming week, due to the recent tourist massacre, it doesn't feel a happy or safe place to visit.  


  1. Sorry Betty that you had to cancel your Vacation to Tunisia but you did a wise choice.
    On a happier note, Badger has had a great time and is bravely on his way to another destination. I hope he will feel as welcome with his next host.

    Enjoy your summer.

  2. It looks like you and Badger had a fine outing. He seems a bit spoiled, but Badger deserved it. And think you were so right about not going to Tunisia.

  3. Glad you cancelled the holiday, though I think perhaps there are going to be very few safe places left to visit quite soon, especially if our Government go ahead with their air strikes. Glad Badger had such a great time with you. Totally jealous! Happy travels, Badger.

  4. Great colourful post Betty. You will miss Badger when he goes on to the next leg of his journey. Looks a fab day out in Brighton ... especially that choccy shop.

  5. I wish I were on an adventure! Also wish it were much cooler, like normal Oregon temperatures! We are melting!

  6. I've never been to Brighton so really enjoyed seeing your photos. Do you remember the name of the artist who made that wonderful resin piece? I love it ! badger us so lucky to be able to go to such interesting places! :)

  7. love Badgers trip round Brighton! with the added bonus of seeing your favourite shops too

  8. Going the 'back way', and peeking into hidden gardens. Yesss!!! :-)

    I am so sorry about your travel plans. It is the way it is, these days. Hate, in the name of religion.

    Per usual, actually. Hate has been rampant, in the name of religion, for eons. Ugh.... Ugh.... Ugh.... -sigh-

    Gentle hugs,

  9. What a shame you've had to cancel your holiday, but understandable. I expect it is actually very safe at the moment, with all the armed police about but yes very sad.
    You'd better be careful - you might get arrested for being a peeping tom lol!! x

  10. How sweet you are to treat Mr. Badger so well! I wish I could tour with him! Thank you, Betty!

  11. He looks like he is having a great fun time!!! What a fun time for Mr Badger to hang out at the beach and on a carousel! X

  12. Thanks for giving Badger such a nice, restful vacation! :) And I'm glad you're staying safe for your family holiday. Will be following the further adventures of our favorite badger.


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