Monday, 8 June 2015

It's been a quiet week of gardening and local walks.
Just beyond this view is the airport runway where we like to watch the planes with a picnic by the river on the way back.

ox-eye daisies are everywhere this week, we saw woodpeckers, rabbits and evidence of
 a great horned owl 

If we do an evening walk we might be lucky enough to see him,
he looks like this ....
...we nearly missed this important message....

by a child who had put this message  on the gateway to our walk - it's delightful isn't it!

Here's another message, posted outside a barn house near here
they must be very slim birds.....


  1. What a thoughtful child leaving that message. He's been brought up well!
    Gorgeous scenery. I love those ox-eye daisies. I need some in my garden. x

  2. That message left by that child is just delightful Betty ... such lovely reading on your walk. And gets the message home too I think :-) I hope you get to see the Owl one evening.


  4. You have a beautiful garden! And gorgeous visitors:)

  5. It's beautiful how young children understand and have an affinity with animals and birds. Why do the majority change when they become adults?
    A poignant message so thoughtfully written - love it!
    A long time ago my son and I visited Bournemouth on a Saturday morning and on the Street was a group of people trying to raise awareness of the owls. The barn owls on display were beautiful - I will never forget that day!

  6. Hi sweet friend! I love owls. We saw one on a church roof not long ago. I wanted to get a closer look but I was so thrilled to SEE ONE!
    I wish I could lure an owl here like Nancy did.
    Take care and enjoy Mr. Badger. There is NO rush at all to post him on.


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