Monday, 1 June 2015

Random Post

This weekend I had some unexpected but much needed overtime,
 so no walk but here's a picture of the fox from our last walk.  

We have high winds and rain today but the promise of a heatwave towards the weekend.
I spent the morning at the gym followed by a nice swim, there was a fit class going on in part of the pool so I got the added pleasure of music while I swam, the horses in the stables next door seemed to like it as there was much nodding of heads going on from the stalls.

I am seeing a lot of these ox eye daisies on the grass verges around here.

Food this weekend has been mostly vegetable and chickpea curry and quorn burgers in buns, that kind of thing, I also made my own pizza, but there's nothing better than cooking out of doors so the bbq will be out towards the end of the week.  I love grilled haloumi cheese and vegetable kebabs.

Remember this little night light I saw at the pumpkin fields? I so wish we had bought it now and think about it sometimes as I like reading at bedtime- do you do that?! I am not sure we can justify a journey just to get a night light for me to read by, so will have to wait until next Halloween.   Do you ever see little things like this around and about and wish you hadn't passed them by?

Here's some of those daisies I did a long time ago, I would like to do some more..... I would also like a dress with daisies on.  Instead I have found a lovely chiffon dress in the sales  and put it away for Christmas - think it will get a lot of use.  It won't be getting worn with those thick tights and boring old pendant on the model though - it needs the right shoes - any ideas?

Phase-Eight chiffon and silk dress

Lucky we have tv catch up - I have been watching ''Jonathan Strange and Mr Norri's, it's a riveting story of magicians and enchantment...  my current library book (so far unopened) is Khaled Hosseini 'And the Mountains Echoed'.  Have you got a good read this week?

I am off now to dig out my old cuckoo clock - I bought new hands for it ages ago and haven't got round to fixing it.  I think it will be nice to hear it working again.  Bye for now.


  1. I hate that niggling feeling of regret when you leave something behind but often when you go back there's a reason why you didn't get it.
    All your food sounds gorgeous. I'm not keen on BBQs as I don't like smoky tastes but I could live on Haloumi!
    Khaled Hosseini is an amazing author, I haven't read his latest. I've been reading Kim for weeks, I'm enjoying it but I keep nodding off.
    That dress is lovely - ankle boots would look good, add a bit of

    1. ankle boots yes! I was thinking maybe - there are some nice high heeled ones around. thanks

  2. Hi friend! I wish you could fix MY cuckoo clock!
    We have foxes like that in our neighborhood. They prance down the street in the early morning.
    That is a very cute dress!
    Let's see . . . I'm reading Pilgrim's Progress and ready to start Plainsong.
    love love love to you, dear Betty!

    1. i am not sure I can fix my clock! i hope to - got the hands on ebay - it is a 12 hour clock so needs the weights pulling often!

  3. Oh that night light!!!! Oh how precious!!!! You didn't get it.... -pout- :-)))))

    I'm wondering about that fox... How come he stands his ground, as I think you said, he does....... Is his den near? I thought foxes were skiddish of people... He isn't sick, is he?

    Love the dresssss!!!!!


    1. Foxes round here are very bold, they will come in gardens and take food - some people feed them. This one looked very old and tired, He didnt hear us approach and we talked deliberately in a quite voice to give him warning as we could have got much closer but didn't want to frighten him, don't think he was ill, may well have been very close to his den and could have young which would explain him not backing off - a kind voice and a sandwich seemed to be enough to tell him we wanted to pass though.

  4. Not big on foxes at the moment. My boss has no chickens left after the latest assault. It burrowed under the fence this time to get into the chicken coop and carried off 6 of them. The next night it came back for Rooster, leaving only one little chicken alone. I couldn't find her this morning.
    I love that dress and I think ankle boots would look great with it. Wish I could come to yours for tea. Everything sounds scrummy. Have a good week,

  5. Hello Betty, I'm with Anne - your tea sounds so lovely & delicious. That fox is most interesting, they fascinate me as we dont have them here. Like you, I am not an impulse buyer ... I need to think about things first before purchasing ... so I can imagine your regret at not buying that gorgeous night light. Its just so comforting with its soft glow.

  6. That fox looks real curious.

  7. I love the nightlight....yes, I often wish I had bought things when I first saw them! Love the dress, really nice design!
    You caught a good picture of Mr fox there.
    Wishing you a happy new week.
    Helen xox


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