Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dragonflies and White Flowers (updated)

Update:  Dragonflies: Julie - I might be wrong about dragonflies living for a day - a lot of us believe this but there is info on Google that the larvae live for years and that when they hatch/on the wing could be a few weeks.

Update: Mystery white flower:  Thank you so much for comments - I am pleased to have identified this as white comfrey - thanks to Ute and Ellie for helping.  Elizabethd - you were close but as you say, the leaves are different.  Culpeppers list it as having medicinal uses (respiratory, internal bruising/ulcers). (Looks like I need a copy of Culpeppers for future references!)

What could be more delightful than lying in a field of buttercups eating a picnic?

Watching planes with teenage boy in a field of buttercups with a picnic!   We were up at the airport perimiter fence within feet of the planes, it's noisy and windy but fun.

On the walk we met a very old fox who would not budge from our path, in the end one of my sandwiches distracted him.

The little blue flowers I mentioned recently were identified as speedwell by Paper Rainbow (thankyou).

but this flower is still a mystery (update: identified as white comfry), thank you for your comments and emails about it, it is indeed similar to dead nettle but the flowers don't form on stalks in the same way, definitely not a snowdrop (it has a tall stalk and flowers are almost translucently thin, not waxy), leaves similar to a foxglove but much more rounded.  I will search in the library as no luck on the internet.  Any more ideas?

white comfry (identified by Ute and Ellie, thank you)

We haven't seen much of Badger lately as, of course, he is a nocturnal animal and we are not, he sleeps such a lot.  I have been reading about badgers, they are sometimes above ground during the day this month as the young want to play - so I think our Badger needs to come out a bit more - I am therefore planning a little trip very soon (pending hubby giving me a lift)

I found a dragonfly at the weekend, she seemed to be dead but was just resting; she spent about an hour on my hand as I walked, as they only live for a day (correction - can live several weeks in winged form and underwater as larvae for years) it would have been wrong to take her home with me, but I did appreciate getting a really close look at her.

p.s. pictures are blob free now as I have a new phone with camera that is a great improvement on my old camera.  


  1. Silly old Mr. Badger, being so lazy! We all knew we couldn't rush him! The dragonfly is so pretty!

  2. It does look as though it could be of the Lamium family. Also a little similar to the Pulmonaria family but no spotty leaves. What a mystery!

  3. Oh my. I would have been rather suspicious of a fox that acted that way. But maybe he was just wanting a handout? Sounds like you had a pleasant day with teenage boy. :) My heart goes pitter patter at the sight of Badger and all the goodies which accompany him. I can hardly wait to see what everyone has drawn and written in the book. Yes, you must poke him with a (not-too-pointy) stick and remind him that he's supposed to be visiting you, not just lounging around! But be careful not to make him angry. :)

  4. Dear Betty
    I think your mystery plant may be a white comfrey...
    Best wishes

  5. Enchanting post, Betty. Love the dragonfly. Now there's a subject worth painting! x

  6. Hello Betty, thanks for commenting on my blog :-) I love to read your stories ! Years ago my daughters and I collected flowers and plants for a herbarium. Maybe the white flower is a comfrey, in German we say "Beinwell".
    Many greetings


  8. Gorgeous post Betty - it is so lovely to see the foxes, we dont have them in our country. I think it would be so wonderful to just come across them out on a walk. Also I did not know that dragonflys only live for one day - thanks for sharing that info with us. Have a wonderful weekend Betty :-)

  9. We've got Speedwell and comfrey growing in abundance and I never even knew. Blogging really is an education, isn't it?
    Love a bit of plane watching and that photo of the inquisitive fox really is lovely.
    Have a fab weekend. xxxx

  10. That white comfy looks real cute (and soft)

  11. Love the photo of the dragonfly! x

  12. How delightful to have a Dragonfly light on your hand!!!!

    And I am so glad they live longer than a day. I love them so...



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