Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hubby and I have been for an epic walk in the woods today and across fields, far away and back again.   Here is my final snap of bluebells this year, next time I visit they will be gone as are dying off now.  The thing I like most about bluebells is the smell, I would love bluebell perfume if such a thing existed!

I've been having a nice, lazy, bank holiday weekend with gym, swim and sauna, a spot of reading in the garden and tv catch up with the Anzac Girls - fabulous nurses in wartime series - battle of gallipoli and such like.  Also Bear Grylls series 'The Island' has just finished - did you watch it? women left on an island for 6 weeks to test out their survival instincts - it was brilliant.

Here's another quiz for anyone interested! any idea what this white wild flower is?  It's so pretty and dainty, grows about 12 inches tall.  I will look it up in my little book shortly.

Some years we get an abundance of these tiny blue flowers below growing in fields and grass and then another year none at all - this year they are abundant.

Hubby and I have been on a 'healthy eating diet' of our own making for a while now and both lost weight.  Mainly plain food, cutting out fat and sugar.   As a lifelong vegetarian my diet is sometimes unhealthy as I can be a bit lazy about ensuring protein and variety and tend to eat far too much cheese!  I dabbled with meat for health reasons a while back, it does indeed give me much needed energy/protein but I can't get on with it and avoid it now - when you're 50 something your body doesn't like big changes.  We are currently going a bit vegan and exploring vegan cookery books but as it's new to us, takes some planning to build up a store cupboard of suitable 'things' and to find recipes that don't involve a zillion expensive ingredients.  Deliciously Ella cookbook is full of promise and I am enjoying this little adventure.

Super exciting news is that my rose bush above, only planted last winter, is attempting a climb round the porch! it's made it about 4 foot so far - it has lots of double blooms and they smell wonderful

I have a few days out planned during half term and beyond, so back soon.......


  1. Your rose is gorgeous. I'm not sure what the other plants are called, I like flowers but know absolutely nothing about them.
    I've been vegetarian since I was 18 months old and discovered meat came from animals. Couldn't be vegan though, it would make travel to anywhere other than the States impossible.
    Just watched Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and am utterly captivated. xxx

  2. I am thinking that flower looks like a snowdrop Betty? Not sure though. Glad you are enjoying some time for yourself. I have been doing meals for my son & D.I.L & they are both vegetarian so am having to put my thinking cap on as dont want to give them vege quiche all the time!!! Your rose is beautiful - can almost smell it through my screen !!!

  3. Hi Betty the little blue flower is speedwell but the other white one I don't know. It has leaves like a foxglove but it looks a different flower shape. Good luck with the healthy eating. I've been veggi for over 30 years and over the past 10 demi - vegan . That means at home I am vegan but when I go out to eat I will eat cheese and I do eat eggs if I know where they came from. Its getting a balance that weeks acceptable morally to ne.

  4. Beautiful rose Betty. I have been vegetarian for 24 years, but think going vegan would be a step too far for me personally. x

  5. Such pretty wildflower photos, and I too love the scent of bluebells :) I have noticed a lot of speedwell growing this year too. How lovely the pink rose is, it will be beautiful climbing round your porch.
    Helen xox


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