Monday, 18 May 2015

Things in my thankfulness journal this month:
hot showers at the gym
freshly mown grass
washing machine
my new rose bush in bud
my parking space at work
early mornings in the garden
ironing which is nicely folded and ready for the drawer
Dandelion clocks
walks in the woods
Tesco food delivery (picked and delivered to your door)
vegetarian sausages, mash and gravy
my new rug (all soft and fluffy under foot)
cookery books with lots of pictures
my new dress (navy silk)
hayfever tablets
Superglue (to mend teenagers shoes when all else has failed!)
teenagers that can cook
Yellow Archangel
Leafy woods
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  1. I like your list of thankfulness. A hot shower is pretty high on my list and I'm ready for one.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. It's fun to read what you are thankful for, Betty!

  3. My thankfulness this week:
    *my sciatica is getting better and not so painful
    *my wonderful friend adn landscaper, Lisa, working on my yard
    *the lady bug that landed on my arm one day
    *my physical therapist
    *the TEMS unit for my sciatica treatment
    *my loving and cuddling 2 cats
    *kind friends who have been checking on me
    *that my mothers treatment for her stage 2 breast cancer is going well
    *the lovely sunsets this week
    *God being there with me

  4. Hi Betty
    What a beautiful blog!
    Loving your gorgeous silk paintings :)
    I also love your inspiring quotes...I too love collecting happy smiles!
    Do pop by and say hello if you have five mins...
    Tilly x

  5. Beautiful words based on gardening!

  6. Oh Mr Tesco, we love you so. (I only once had a Ms Tesco.)


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