Monday, 20 July 2015

I was given this picture a year ago but it didn't feel the right time to display it until now, this is the original, done with pastels, given to me by a very special friend of the family ... **Pam** enjoyed the odd print I sometimes popped through her door of the photographs I took when walking in the woods close to her house (especially the white squirrel) - she longed to go for those walks herself but was too ill with cancer.

shortly after she passed away, her son brought the painting over; it had been beautifully wrapped by Pam before her passing, with a card saying thank you.  The card itself is a print of another of her beautiful pastels... I will treasure her gifts.  I have found the perfect spot for the picture in our sunny dining room.

sorry about the grey dots - still using the same old camera!

I am still picking and drying more lavender - all from the same three small bushes.

Over the last few days I had my paints out
I found a little (expired) bee and used him to get a look at where his legs/wings are positioned.
Will have another go sometime as the wings aren't what I wanted.

We did a 6 mile walk yesterday.  I used to get very bad back pain with much walking but over the last two years this has got a lot less since I saw a chiropractor for something else (my knee), he found my left hip to be an inch lower than my right and promptly corrected it! (this was the result of a motorbike accident when I was 18 which had gone uncorrected right into my 50s!  Walking is now something we all look forward to and also swimming and the gym too.

The woods we visited yesterday are alongside part of the M23 approach to the airport,  it's surprising how so much wildlife can exist close to busy roads and yet remain unseen, like this active bees nest in the woods...

When you got up close you could hear a huge hum going on inside,
 there were quite a few bees coming in and out too.

The next couple of weeks I have some days out planned, beginning with a day out on Saturday to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary.  I may not be blogging much for a week or two.
Back soon,  Betty



  1. That print is so lovely! The bees nest is a bit too big for my liking!
    Don't know whether you are aware of the London Bus Museum, link below, which I don't think is too far from you.

  2. What a talent Pam had, no wonder you had a connection! A lovely gift to leave you.
    Happy 33rd Anniversary, you must have been a child bride! xxx

  3. A special gift. She must have been so pleased to give it to you because she knew how much you would appreciate it. Kindred artistic spirits. Please leave off walking too near that nest - I told you about my encounter with a swarm recently - it's quite frightening! Glad you'll get a day out for your anni - it'll be a lovely treat for you both. Where does the time go, eh, Betty? 'Speak' soon. xxx

  4. What a lovely print Betty, & a lovely story behind it. I am sure you will treasure it & enjoy it in your dining room. Love the bee painting, you are so clever how you make them look exactly like they should do !!! Glad to read you are still enjoying your lavender. Happy wedding anniversary too x x

  5. What a beautiful gift. Your friend was so talented! Your bee painting is lovely Betty.

  6. What beautiful art work. Make more so, because the artist has passed.

    Working in pastels is difficult. I have tried it myself, years ago. So I can sort of appreciate the amazing-ness of her work.

    Hooray for seeing a chiropractor! As both of us are doing, currently! Yes, I am a believer.

    Happy Anniversary to you, early. Enjoy your time.


  7. What a beautiful gift Pam left for you. I do love your own painting of the bee too. xxx

  8. Beautiful artwork and such a touching story. Wishing you and your husband a very happy anniversary! Enjoy your celebrations.
    Helen xox

  9. Betty- this is a lovely painting from your friend. I an sure you will treasure it always. So glad to see you are painting and enjoying hiking. Have a wonderful day.


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