Monday, 11 May 2015

The Weekend

Badger is stopping off here on his world blog tour, he has done nothing much but sleep, so this weekend I got him out to the Bluebell Woods.

We did the 3 mile circular walk again so he could see the bluebells...

bluebell and wild garlic

I am not sure if these are orchids;perhaps you recognise them? (have sent a picture to my brother (landscape gardener) to identify).  Tiny little things mostly in shady spots.

We had a quick look inside St Nick's Church at Charlwood - I'm not into churches so much these days but am sometimes curious to know how old they are and brief history ...this place has a bit of history and mystery so I'm glad I peeked inside (it's where the Yew tree was in the previous post).  The church was built in 1080 fourteen years after the Battle of Hastings and well before most English cathedrals.  The North wall has a Norman archway and a tower.  It is not known why the church was built here as it would in those days have been boggy and impassible according to the information sheet I took away with me, how strange to build here then - I think this would have been placed over a pagan site (which the Church was known to do in an effort to convert pagans).  In 1170, Four days before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Beckett was murdered, he ex-communicated the rector of Charlwood - there's the mystery part - wouldn't it be fascinating to know what had gone on and why!.... if I could go in a time capsule to visit times gone by, I would want to visit the village at that time to unravel it's mysterious past.  As we left I noticed some primitive wall paintings (below) which date from 1320 and are said to be among the finest medieval paintings in Britain by the way - being older than the earliest English painting in the National Gallery.  There is more history to this church and its area so it may deserve another look, but that's enough for today. )

original wall paintings dating from 1320, restored in 1993

After all that walking (and a swim later)  I was exhausted so had a nice day experimenting with paints wet on wet, didn't produce anything very worthy although I enjoyed having the paints out.

Continuing the minimalist theme, I have taken the last of my unworn clothes to recycle and feel very pleased with myself - the only item that I can't justify owning is a purple silk top I like a lot but never wear because it doesn't match anything else!  I am going to try dying it black, will let you know how it goes, think it's going to be a messy business!

I am busy on some long shifts at work now for a few days but have some new adventures planned for Badger over the coming weeks.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Spending a day in your life, I think would be quite enchanting. Your three mile walk circling woods and bluebells sounds like the perfect way to jump start a good day :)

    1. I do choose to avoid dwelling on the bits of life that are not enchanting you see, Connie! 'why stop dreaming when you wake up' is a quote I like but I couldn't tell you who said it first! Betty

  2. Oh the history, of these bits of the past!!!! The way-way-way past. How lucky you are, to live right there, where you can access them. Oh yes!!!

    And your 4th photo down... Oh I love it... Moss and old tree and general deliciousness... Yessssss....

  3. Dear Betty
    The plant looks like a yellow dead nettle. I shall wait to see whether your brother agrees. Looks like a lovely walk and fascinating about the church.
    Best wishes

  4. You're giving that lad a wonderful education. You don't half visit some gorgeous places! xxx

  5. Those bluebells woods of yours are so beautiful Betty - I am envious of Badger getting to visit them with you. Your part of the world looks so very pretty in spring time. Your painting looks lovely - as always. Good luck with the dying of the purple top.

  6. Nature is always soul enhancing.I love my escapes to be nurtured.

  7. I think the plant is from the nettle family. We have some in our garden. What a lovely walk!
    Jacqui x

  8. Yellow archangel! That's what it is. At least that's what we called it. I collected wild flowers as a child. You look like you have had a very cultural few days!

  9. Badger is so cute and what a lucky guy! Amazing story on the church and the wall paintings! I can't even wrap my brain around the thought of experiencing something so ancient right up close like that, living here in the "New World" as I do.

  10. Badger is having a wonderful time! The bluebell woods are so pretty!
    I loved the history lesson, too. Thank you!

  11. So glad your wily badger woke up and took a walk and learned some history. He needs a broad education such as you are providing him!

  12. The orchid-like flowers are very unique. I wonder what they are? It's so beautiful where you live. Good times ahead with Badger!

  13. Bloomin' heck! I nearly missed this! It's been one of those weeks. Lucky Badger to be able to walk in the woods with you and visit all those lovely places. Hope he's learning stuff. Have a good weekend, Betty. xxx

  14. Badger has beaten me to it! I have yet to wonder in some bluebell woods this year. He looked as though he was enjoying it. The restored painting is a marvel to look at. I wonder how many of the modern works of art will survive that amount of time?! Have a great weekend. xx

  15. Hi, Betty -- I came over hunting for Mr. Badger, wanting to follow his world tour. I'm eagerly waiting his coming to my home too :) Was fascinated by your account of the church, the paintings, and Thomas a Becket. I've often taught T.S. Eliot's play, "Murder in the Cathedral" (really good read!). Becket spent years excommunicating various churchmen in England in his wrangling with Henry II. It was one of the power plays he could make, as they fought for control. I didn't know he'd excommunicated someone just 4 days before he was murdered -- that's fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing that piece of history with me. Enjoy Mr. B's company :)


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