Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend

Time to stop for a moment, hope you have a cup of tea and a moment to spare, here's a painting for you.  My paints have been tidied away and I have a few snaps of our day out ....

watercolour dandelion clocks

Today's walk was near the village of Charlwood, not far from the airport.  The nearest pub has comfy leather chairs and a huge open fire place for winter evenings - but we weren't stopping long, we were off to bluebell woods:

There are so many woods in this area that we are always finding new ones to explore.  This is Glovers Wood, and the walk, found on the National Trust website, was a comfortable 3 miles circular.

Not far into the woods is the perfect spot for a picnic overlooking a pretty algae covered pond.
I think this will be a great spot for dragonfly so will be visiting again late Summer.

I hadn't got used to Mr Blog Hop Badger residing with us and unfortunately left him behind, pity because I found a superb badger hideaway in a tree root - it is an absolutely perfect cave like residence with a tunnel into the ground beyond.  If only I was smaller...... but there was no time to linger as bluebells were on the horizon...

The whole woodland is completely carpeted in bluebells, the fragrance is intoxicating - I could happily have made myself a den and stayed... for ever.

From the edge of the woods we could see the Lowfield Heath windmill, this is one of four in this area.  It's not in use, although it can be viewed one Sunday each month if you're curious.

The nearby church is 11th century, this enormous yew tree dominates the churchyard, despite being completely hollow, it thrives and is very much alive.  

Back home there has been time for a spot of gardening and much reading, and a little painting. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.


  1. What a magical place and lovely photos.
    Bank Holidays are lost on us self-employed types. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through yours! xxx

  2. I had to work all weekend, but these lovely bluebells cheered me up - I want to try to find some this week. Love the hollow tree too. x

  3. We saw bluebells today, also chez National Trust! Springhill House, plantation era. Nice walk- shorter than yours and less bluebells!

  4. While I am "laid-up" with Siatica, I am leaving this comment..... Tessa was here. :-)

  5. I love your dandelion painting and thank you so much for your gorgeous photos of the wonderful bluebells, fantastic shades of blue and green colour in your woods! Want to be there, too!!!
    Have a nice week :)))

  6. Apparently, it was not a bank holiday in Scotland. according to an employer, we shall see about that! You had a lovely time by all accounts and your pics are lovely. What a curious Yew Tree and still living too. I keep going back to your dandelion painting. I think it's my new favourite! Have the rest of a good week, Betty. xxx

  7. Thank you Betty for taking me on the little outing with you today :-) I very much enjoyed it. The blueberry woods are just spectacular & so beautiful in bloom. Gosh you have some lovely places just near you. Loved the big old gnarly tree too.

  8. It looks like a perfect weekend, what lovely places to visit. That tree is just asking for someone to step would make a perfect hideaway.
    Nice to find your blog.
    Have a great week,
    ps I'm not usually a fan of blogs that play soundtracks when you read them...but the bird sound is wonderful...Did you record it from your garden?

  9. Betty - What a beautiful place to visit. So serene. Love that hollow tree.

    Thanks for visiting 20 North Ora.


  10. I love your dandelion clocks painting Betty, so delicate. Love to the bluebell woods photos, they make me want to grab my boots and go walking in the woods right now!

  11. Another pretty painting, and it looks different than others
    You have created as the colors are more muted. The photos are calming. Thank you for your comment on Jack and your prayers.

  12. Those bluebell woods are so beautiful but it is the glorious yew tree that really took hold of my attention! What an incredible tree. Yews have such mythology and magic entwined within their branches and roots. This is a very special tree!


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