Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day

Badger arrived here at the Wild Woods today, 1st May, what a magical day to arrive! The woods are heaving with bluebells and we have a Bank Holiday weekend!!!!  Badger has been sent from Pompom in the USA he is a character in the book The Wind in the Willows.  The other characters came here in 2012 (you can read about their adventures HERE) but Badger got left behind so is now doing his own World Trip:

  I knew Badger will have heard of the 2014 badger cull in the UK to prevent the spread of TB from badgers to cattle and have lots of questions - So it was important to reassure him that  there is a safe alternative in place that many landowners are opting for thanks to the wonderful work of our National Trust- with their vaccination program for badgers - here's the link to the National Trust info on this.

With the vaccine programme becoming popular here, he knows he need not worry, in this area it is safe for badgers now and of course, being a travelling Badger, he has his vaccines up to date, so no worries there either.  Here he is, bedding down....

He has had a long journey from the frozen North where Mags hosted the first stop on his World tour.  Here at the Wild Woods he will be sleeping on silk sheets, painted by my good self with lilac and apple blossom (anyone hosting must show the utmost hygge so silk sheets are the very least we could offer).  He needs rest now, but keep visiting as we have some fantabulous days out planned for us over the next few weeks and will post about them here.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!  Hope you find bluebells (or lilac!)


  1. I love badgers although the only ones I've ever seen in real life are road kill. Yours is gorgeous, he'll be very happy with you. xxx

  2. So fun! I love the hygge I see! I'm so glad he's safe from badger haters and I'm glad he stopped at the travel clinic in Denver before leaving the USA.
    I think Mr. Badger wants to stay at your woodsy locale for as long as possible!

  3. Oh Betty little badger is wonderful! My heart went still at those horrid image if badger culls. Horrible needless violence against such a special animal. Thank goodness for the vaccination program!

  4. Gosh Betty I think I would be most happy to be tucked up under some of your silk sheets too :-) How wonderful to sleep there & Badger looks most content. Have a wonderful Bank holiday weekend x0x

  5. Silk sheets, no less! You're making him so comfortable, he won't want to leave! Totally loving your new paintings. Your header pic is sublime. Have a chilled-out weekend, Betty. (found some bluebells at work yesterday!).xxx

  6. I'm so glad his tour is properly underway. I knew you would be the perfect destination!!

  7. Lucky badger to be able to sleep between your beautiful silk sheets. The bluebells are coming out herre now and have spotted quite a few on the river bank.
    Jacqui xx

  8. Your silk paintings are gorgeous! I'm sure Badger is in for a real treat at your place. What a wonderful package of goodies has accompanied him! Have fun!


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