Thursday, 2 April 2015

Small pleasures

The first bluebell in the ancient woods.... 

Wood anemone are everywhere in a beautiful pale pink and white carpet here...

It was difficult not to tread on them in some places.  We stopped to see how the badger set is looking, there's been a lot of activity and I expect they have young safely tucked away below, they should be emerging in April to explore their surroundings... this is quite some set, we call it the Badger Kingdom because it's so big.

This is the view from the badgers' set, I think bluebells will be next and
 have read that badgers like to roll in them. 

The wild primrose were nearly ignored due to the overwhelming display of anemones.  We met someone walking 4 dogs on the way home, an old black one with a grey face walked behind with us, he smiled at us a lot but had sad, old eyes. He refused to go to his owner, he wanted to run away with us so we had to help get him in his van with the other dogs! 

I keep a little 'thankfulness journal' it's just a year diary really and I put in there something each day to be thankful for.  I sometimes get lazy and don't and then I remember it again.  When I go back over the pages I can see a pattern, because the things I mention more than once or twice are the things that make me happy.  Things like lovely hot showers, swimming, a good book, flowers in a vase, healthy food and days off/evenings in with my family, some nice paint brushes, fresh sheets, warm boots, walks in the woods,watching Mr Selfridge or Call the Midwife on tv - these are the things I write in my journal the most.  what about you? what are the things you are most thankful for lately?

Turning the page to April, my Susan Branch calendar is all about Spring cleaning.  I like housework so am quite pleased to have a few days off to get some done.  Moving things round is also something I like doing, just so it feels a bit different.  The men get fed up with it. 

It was a beautiful moment this morning at 5.30am when the birds started calling and went on into a dawn chorus - I had a cup of tea in the garden and enjoyed the moment.

Out in the garden things are very busy since I planted the catmint herb - we are getting visiting cats of all sizes and colours at night, very politely creeping in for a nibble, nobody gets possessive, maybe because this herb makes cats feel happy.  Ambercat is going to have a great social life this Summer I think with all her visitors. I don't have a picture of these cats together yet so here's one from Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments on the change of font, sorry you couldn't read  my ramblings before!  Have a wonderful Easter, back soon.

No sheep in the field next to the windmill this Spring, they have turned the field into a community orchard with some young fruit trees, similar to the one I blogged about last Summer and much nearer.  A nice idea.


  1. Good to see what you are up to! Am expecting some watercolors of the pretty bluebells!

  2. How lovely to see those wood anemones, so rare now.
    Thanks for changing the font!

  3. Thank you so much Betty I can read it now. The font was lovely but my eyes are a bit rubbish. This one is perfect. Yes the call of the birds, the blossom, the longer days all add up to promise of better things and weather. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Hi Betty! Speaking of badger sets . . . I am not sure where Mr. Badger is. I think he may be at Mags' house. She's been busy.
    I love your thankfulness journal. That's a GREAT thing to do! I am thankful for many of the same things you are!
    I'm thankful for YOU!

  5. I never knew that was Wood Anemone! Thanks for that, Betty. Isn't it great to see a carpet of colour appearing out of the mud? The light here has been so bright. It certainly makes things look a whole lot better! It's no wonder you're getting so many feline visitors if your actually growing catmint!! Lots of sheep in my new post....and a black dog too! Have a great weekend, Betty. Glad you're not working but if you fancy a spot of extra housework, pop up here next week - it'll be hectic!! xx

  6. Beautiful to see spring emerging in your part of the world Betty - as our days get colder & I pull some warmer clothes out. I love the primroses & have them in my garden. So glad the cats are enjoying the catmint, Ambercat will love her "visitors". I think a thankfullness journal is such a great idea & may copy this idea. I try to find things in my day to be thankful for & try to say them out loud to myself. I think it helps to appreciate the little things that we might take for granted. Have a lovely Easter Betty (its Good Friday here) x0x0

  7. Are badgers dangerous? I thought they were. Lovely area. One of the reasons I like Oregon is due to the lovely forests. Nature is wonderful.

    1. I don't know Rose, they could be aggressive if they have young and were disturbed but we don't go poking around down those holes! they don't usually come out in the daytime. I don't think they will hurt us if we respect them so am careful not to hang around too long, also we make a fair bit of noise when approaching so they know we are there. If I had a dog I would keep it on the lead around there of course.

  8. Oh I adore your woodland photos. Spring wild flowers are so beautiful.

  9. What a lovely woodland ramble, I love that kindly old dog who joined you!
    A community orchard, what a wonderful idea.
    Have a fab weekend and thanks for changing the font, it's a joy to read you again! xx

  10. Badger Kingdom looks almost like a magical place. Happy Easter. x

  11. Lovely post, Betty! Enjoying your blog very much. It's such a relaxing place to visit. I love your journal idea! It's good to spend time really thinking about all the blessings we have. There are so many. Sometimes I neglect this area. Maybe I'll start my own entries now that you've inspired me!

    I love Beatrix Potter and think of her stories when I hear the word badger. She sure knew her animals. Oh, and another favorite, Wind in the Willows. LOVE.

    Thanks for the beautiful ramble, Betty! Happy Easter!

  12. You're much more advanced than we are, here up North. Haven't seen any wood anaemones even yet, although the wild plum blossom is magnificent!
    Happy Easter.
    Jacqui xx


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