Sunday, 22 March 2015

Restful Sunday

Teenage boy accompanied me in the woods today, we went off half heartedly as it is still quite cold here and I didn't expect to see much more than mud and barren trees - but the woods are changing, there is lots of new growth, signs of badgers digging and the uplifting sight of wild primrose and celandine.

Everything is growing shoots and buds, there is a carpet of green shiny bluebell leaves but no flowers yet.

Mother's Day was a lovely, restful day, filled with home made banana cake....

I have a white rose and a lilac bush yet to plant, waiting for a day when the soil is warmer and I am in the mood for digging.  I think gardening this year will be minimal as I would rather be exploring the woods than flower borders, but I do like plants that attract butterflies and bees so these bushes will do their bit to help with that.  I have taken my citrus trees outside now as they need the help of ants and ladybirds to keep them parasite free, I have decided to grow herbs this year as we can eat them - I bought a catmint plant a few weeks back that was on sale as looked dead - I separated the roots and made two plants and it is now flourishing, Ambercat is very interested in it. 

I am reading this book (given to me a long time ago by my blogging friend Nana), I found it hard to get into on the previous attempt but am enjoying it this time around, maybe because I am making time (30 mins on days off) to sit and read properly.

Have you seen the Deliciously Ella blog? her vegan recipes are interesting, although the ingredients are rather expensive, I have her new book on request from the library... should be here any day I hope.  We have experimented with some vegan food recently, the green vegan burgers, chickpea and cauliflower curry and vegetarian rissotto - vegan food seems much more filling than the usual fodder but it does take a bit of planning and preparation - something I am not good at.

The week ahead is full of anticipation and preparation for Easter holidays: teenage boy will be home for 2 weeks and university boy will be home for the best part of a month, can't wait! Hubby and I will be working but have planned a few days out for walks here and there.  Hope we will get some sunshine.


  1. I'm reading the same book. The title just grabbed me:)

  2. I loved that book, and have read it several times.

  3. Sounds great. We will go check it out. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I liked that book, too!
    I like your garden plans, Betty!
    How fun that your boys will be around the family hearth for a while! Yay!

  5. Hello Betty, I have that wild primrose in my garden, it is very pretty when in bloom. You will find herbs are very hardy & easy to grow - you can even grow them in pots if you wish. I havent read that book but have seen & heard of it before. Must put it on my "to read list". So glad you had a restful Mothers Day - we celebrate it here in May. Have a lovely week Betty x0x

  6. I will check out ellas blog as I am predominately vegan and new recipes are always welcome. Celendines and primrose are such cheerful flowers.

  7. I absolutely loved the Potato Peel book. So moving. There will definitely be another Badger coming soon to your woods...

  8. That banana cake looks yummy. I'm a veggie but not a vegan but those recipes you mentioned sound very interesting. Will pop over and take a look at the blog. It's lovely to see the signs of Spring popping up on your woodland walk!
    Jacqui xx

  9. Beautiful woods. You will like that book!

    Glad you will have some time with your boys. That cake looks delicious!

  10. That sounds like a wonderful day. I read a few blogs who swear by Ella's recipes. I'm loving A Girl Called Jack's blog, fantastic and cheap! x

  11. Oh, I forgot I'd sent you that book. That was ages ago! I was in Holland and Barrett today and they have a vegan ingredients range now. It's not cheap though. I bought some noodles and they tasted how plastic cord might taste like and had a very similar texture! I love the pic of that cake. Have a good week, Betty. Will write soon. xxx

  12. Love your very beautiful blog !
    I will follow :-)

  13. Lovely little wild flowers, and such a delicious cake! I loved that book very much :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Betty.
    Helen xox


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