Sunday, 22 February 2015

 It was pitch black outside yesterday morning but suddenly we had snow filling up the blackness - huge big fluffy flakes were falling fast... 'oh how beautiful, must get out there' I thought excitedly, rushed forward - unfortunately forgot to open the glass patio doors and marched straight into them at speed - bruised nose/head -big nose bleed - magic moment lost.  Both me and the doors are ok.

I hoped for this much show - but it didn't settle

Earlier in the week I had three days of mostly sleeping off a virus.  I discovered how lovely it is to download Toms Midnight Garden on audio to my Hudl and drift in and out of sleep with this beautiful story.  It's the best thing having a story read to you in a nice kind voice when you're under the weather, no pages to turn, some plump pillows and a hot drink.

Next I have a library download of a woodland birdsong book with a nice man telling me all about each bird ,I can listen whilst doing (important things like) the ironing - something usually done in solitary confinement with extreme empty head syndrome, much more fun with a nice audio book.

 By the way, the elderberry syrup I made in the Summer was worth all the effort, delicious and coats sore throats beautifully .You might be interested to see this Swedish research on elderberry...

Update on my progress with the 2015 Sealed Pot Challenge.  This week I cashed in my year of savings from the Top Cashback website (where you use the portal to shop online and get a percentage payback from participating retailers - Tesco, Carphone Warehouse, etc)... I had £43 in my a/c and have transferred it to my 2015 pot. 


After much deliberation we decided to spend the 2014 Sealed Pot total of £273 towards a
deposit for a week's family holiday this Summer in Tunisia.
Thanks for stopping by, come back soon - I am looking out in the post now as the Wind in the Willows bloghop is due to arrive - Badger and the book will be stopping for a visit here at Touchwood and then on to other UK homes on his adventures round the world.



  1. I love audio books too. I'm always playing them in my studio to work to. How fantastic to have saved so much towards your holiday destination. Tunisia, I've always wanted to go there.
    Jacqui xx

  2. Hope you are better now Betty and the weather has not go too cold where you are. Sunny and mild here. Tunisia sounds great. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You received double blows this week with first the virus and then the running into glasss door. Hope you feel better and enjoy your elderberry concoction!

  4. I am SO sorry to hear that you crashed into the glass door! Poor you! I hope you are all recovered from it.
    I'm also sorry that you were under the weather, Betty. Late winter bugs are no fun!
    I'm so excited for Mr. B to come to your woods! He's going to have a ball!
    Sending love your way. YOU are so good.

  5. Ouch! Glad your syrup at least helped your throat. x

  6. Ouch! That must have hurt! Years ago when the sliding glass doors were made of plate glass, my brother walked through one and it shattered and cut him all over! Thank goodness they are safety glass now.
    That was in the 60's.
    Glad you are getting better!

  7. Ouch to you walking into the glass door!
    That syrup sounds lovely. I made some blackberry vinegar back in the summer and its just ready for drizzling on salads and feeling like Winter will be gone one day.
    We loved Tunisia. xxx

  8. hello, popped over from another blog.....Ohhh being poorly is no fun....hope you're much better now....xx

  9. Ouch Betty, so sorry to read about you colliding with the glass door - take care my friend, those things can be nasty. Hope you are feeling better now x0x

  10. Oh poor you Betty! Snow and I do not love each other I'm afraid ... that syrup looks amazing ... I always wish I'd made things like this before it's too late. Next year, maybe xxx


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