Monday, 16 February 2015

Recent Walks

Recently hubby took me to Box Hill which is  known for it's beautiful woodland and hilltop walks, it is managed by The National Trust, who produce some pretty leaflets with planned walks - we chose the Stepping Stones Walk - which begins at the top of the hill and descends via hundreds of shallow wooden steps, very steep and slippery to the woodland floor and onwards to the river, walking backup the hill is a killer, my heart was hammering from the effort!  It was cold that day but there were signs of Spring.

it was very muddy and the stepping stones were completely underwater as the River Mole was very high.  We saw snowdrops, lots of birds and signs of bluebell shoots in the woods.  If we come back in the Summer we will be able to walk across the river.  One of the landmarks on the walk is the grave of an eccentric who chose to be buried upside down....

 There are a large number of yew trees in this area, some as old as 1000 years it is thought, there is a lot of folklore about yew trees, if you're interested.  Maybe a post for another time, they are often found in places of spiritual relevance so I think the ones in these ancient woods might have a story to tell.

Not much foliage around, just lichen....but I find it very pretty, don't you?

There are quite a few trees along the riverbank with complicated root systems like this, I thought this one was beautiful and could imagine fairies flitting around, just out of sight in the little hollow here.

Hubby has been experimenting with vegan recipes, this was vegetable burgers, they were very nice and we will be having them again.  We have also enjoyed cauliflower and chickpea curry and a butter bean and vegetable casserole - all very tasty and filling.


I went to my old church at the weekend, enjoyed the worship and received a lovely welcome from everyone.  Spiritual nourishment, although I don't feel the need to visit often these days as other places can be spiritual too.  I have come to understand why my grandmother visited churches (we would sit awkwardly away from everyone else) but did not participate fully, it's the desire to be somewhere sacred, everything else can be a distraction at times.

Unfortunately I have a virus this week so am sleeping a lot.  Perhaps when I wake there will be post from Ireland...You might remember that there was a Wind in the Willows blog hop a few years back, well Badger wasn't able to come and explore my part of the World, so he is now doing his own blog hop and should be here very soon - hopefully when all my germs are gone.  To find out more, here are the links : 

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  1. Box Hill is definitely on my list of day trips. Those burgers look lovely too.

  2. I'd love to share your lunch it sounds right up my street!
    What a gorgeous walk, the gravestone is fascinating. xxx

  3. Love seeing the first signs of Spring and those tree roots are something else. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. It is heartening to see signs of growth-even if they do disappear again beneath ice and snow!

  5. We did this walk last year and it is so lovely there. Yes going back up is a real killer!

  6. What a pretty basket, so Spring like.
    Feel better soon.

  7. I do hope you are better by the time Mr. Badger arrives, but if you are not I'm sure he'll be happy to tuck in with you and spread some hygge.
    Your wood walk looks lovely. I wish I had some woods nearby! Take care, Betty!

  8. Sorry you're not feeling well. Get better quickly. I'm afraid I was laughing at that headtone which isn't very respectful but the thought of that gentleman being buried headfirst, with his feet in the air, just seemed a little funny and very odd! Love the look of those veggie burgers. I'd milk that virus for all it's worth if that's the calibre of food you're being served up! Great post, Betty and hope Badger arrives soon too. xxx

  9. Here in Oregon we can find lichen and moss and mushrooms everywhere. People love to hunt for the expensive black morels, blue chanterelles, and golden chanterelles! I am not much into mushrooms.

  10. I really enjoy it when you record the walks you have been on Betty & all the different lichen etc ... Also I am green with envy that you have a hubby that enjoys cooking :-)

  11. Love the yellow lichen on the trees and your veggie burger looks delicious.
    Have a great week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  12. A lovely walk in such an interesting place, love the lichen. The flowers in the basket look so pretty. I'm sorry you are not well this week and hope you will soon feel better.
    Helen xox


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