Thursday, 26 February 2015

I thought you might like to share my flowers ... some orchids maybe....

or do you like orange roses and big lillies?


or maybe some tulips?

Yes, it was my birthday and everyone knows I love flowers so every corner is full with colour here.

Hubby knows I have been waiting a very long time for 'the right' dinner set (we use white plates for everyday as I am very butter fingered and white is easily replaced!) I have patiently waited for several years with a picture of fern festooned plates in my minds eye - no chance I thought ....  but M&S have started a new range and we snapped them up!


We went back to Box Hill at the weekend, this time following a woodland trail that was very easy walking (recovering from a bug so not too much energy required for this one - it's intended for children so lots of wood piles to climb) - very muddy.

A fairy had washed her muddy wings and left them to dry.

Everything was very bare and skeletal, no flowers, although the odd green shoot (bluebell) is pushing its way up.  There were a vast number of yew trees - old and twisted, I find yew trees very interesting - they were grown in magic circles and often planted on sacred spots - you will see them in graveyards because the church would be built on the sacred spot and the tree would remain.  I have been reading up on them and found they give off a vapour in the summer which is thought to give power if inhaled - I suspect it could be very bad for you (not least because the berries are poisonous) but am curious so might return in the Summer and do a bit of deep breathing in the interest of science.

Our neighbours came over at the weekend, they had been on a baking course recently and cooked for us ... cheese and potato pasties and Victoria sponge cake for us - both were delicious and a really thoughtful gift.

And today I decluttered - I have had trouble letting go of 3 years of country living magazines, not sure why other than the collective cost of the pile is a bit shocking.  I don't want to make collages or read them over and over, so they went to a homeless refuge this morning where they will get read plenty.  My cupboards today are pleasingly empty.  Very uplifting.  How's your week going?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, I love seeing bright spring flowers especially this time of year. We have so much snow that I wonder if Spring will ever arrive.

    I love your Verdi dishes, very fresh looking.... They'll go well with white dishes.

    Interesting about the yews.

    Have a happy rest of the week.

  2. Happy Birthday Betty. I hope you don't get arrested for getting high in the woods!!

  3. Happy belated birthday and we love the design on the plates. Great choice. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you were thoroughly and deservedly spoiled. Those plates are lovely and the flowers are gorgeous.
    How lovely to donate those mags to a homeless charity. xxx

  5. What lovely flower, perfect for your birthday!
    Your plates are delightful, I hadn't seen them in M and S.

  6. Can you hear that? It's me groaning because I missed your birthday!!!! I'm on it now though. I even went on FB last night to check for the date but I forgot your account's closed! Love those new dishes - they're very posh!!Beautiful flowers. You'll never believe it but my friend packed all her old Country Livings and shipped them to NZ. Daft as a brush, she is!!!Have a great weekend, Betty and stay away from those Yew trees!xxx

    1. you're not supposed to remember - remember! cos we are going to give all our spare pennies to our cars (mot/service/etc)!

  7. I do like your new ferry plates very much and it looks as though they were just what you wanted. So nice of your friends to cook for you.

    Pretty woods and interesting about the trees and scents they give off. Will be interested to read later this summer what effect they might have on you.

  8. I am glad your friends and loved ones showered you with flowers! You ARE a flowery girl!
    Happy birthday WEEK! Take two!
    I am also glad that you are feeling better, Betty! Continue to take good care of your wonderful self. Oh! I LOVE the dishes.

  9. Love the fern plates and bowl. Really fit here in Oregon!

  10. Happy belated birthday Betty! It's lovely having a houseful of flowers isn't it? The fern dinner service is very lovely, and I'm sure will become a family heirloom in the future. Wow, that was a brave move ... Getting rid of your beloved magazines! I have about 9 years of Country Living taking up the whole of my sideboard (and lots more in the loft, shhhh) ... I could get rid of the sideboard if I cleared that lot .... one day!

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Happy belated Birthday! I love all the flowers!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo Ingrid


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