Saturday, 28 February 2015


 I booked a day's holiday - it's so nice to get up late on a Saturday and potter about without having to worry about the time.  I finished my book 'Heaven is for Real' - it's such a lovely read, I recommend it.  Now I'm off to the  'Harry Potter' library to choose more books, followed by a swim, a nice relaxing day.

favourite library - worth a short drive as it's so much nicer than my nearest!

Just when I thought I was all birthday'ed out... there has been post - these beautiful flowers and chocolates came from my blogging pen pal Annie this morning - Annie and I were partners in a swap a few years ago, we have kept in touch by emails, have often exchanged little packages here and there and become sort of pen pals.  Thank you ever so much Anne - chocolates are delicious and the carnations really fresh - they smell wonderful too. xxx

 The picture doesn't do them justice - they arrived beautifully boxed with card, in celophane, fresh and fragrant.  Chocolates neatly tucked in so as not to damage the flowers.  I am very lucky to have kind friends.

 Remember the swap I took part in last year and this pretty picture that my partner Claire sent me?  I love this vintage style print and have the picture on display in our downstairs bathroom which has a seaside theme.

So when I found this dress for my Summer holidays I knew it was reminding me of something, it took a while to realise why! 

Although The style isn't my usual I have lost weight so feels very comfortable to wear and is lined so hangs well.  I was lucky to buy online in the sale and with a further discount plus free delivery from Boden.  I bought a few other things in their sale too, will show you next time.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as me.  Bye for now.


  1. Aw you and sweet Anne make the very best sort of friends! I love you both! Have a wonderful day of holidaying at home! Very cute dress!

  2. Love the dress. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It osunds like this birthday was a memorable and pleasant one! You well deserved it.

  4. Glad you treated yourself to a day off Betty - we all need to from time to time. That dress looks like a shift dress style - I have started wearing those this past Summer & they are so comfortable. That one is particularly lovely.

  5. I have been away & must've missed your last post ... so just wanted to stop by & wish you very belated birthday wishes dear friend x0x0x

  6. How thoughtful of Anne. I love getting belated presents and cards, it makes a birthday last much longer.
    That dress is fab, the print looks wonderfully retro. x

  7. Sweet goodies and a darling dress. Happy birthday, once again!

  8. Happy belated Birthday! What a lovely surprise through the post from your blogging friend! Love your new dress too.
    Helen xox


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