Sunday, 2 November 2014

Budget/Sealed Pot Challenge

 The pumpkin bread was an experiment, there was an overwhelming choice of recipes and I didn't want to buy a lot of ingredients so used a Lidl rye bread mix I had in the cupboard, baked about 150g pumpkin mashed this and reduced the amount of water in the mix.  It was a nice moist loaf, but very heavy because of the flour I chose- next time I would use a white flour.

We didn't carve pumpkins this year so here are some hubby has done in previous years....

Budget/Sealed Pot Challenge
For anyone who'se interested and/or taking part in the challenge over at SFT's blog.... 
Our sealed pot got a generous £30 boost last week when we received a goodwill cheque
 from a utility provider that we had experienced problems with, we had politely written to tell them our issues and got this unexpected result!
We are thinking about how to spend our sealed pot which we will be opening on Friday 5th December.  We plan a day out in London to celebrate teenage boys 16th birthday
so we will probably use some of our pot funds for train fares and dinner out for 4.
November is going to be a frugal month for us as we have a lot of outgoings - our income is variable so we have to be careful.  I am taking packed lunches and trying to avoid the temptation to buy ready lunches from shops (I work 9-9 a couple of days so struggle to plan lunch and dinner to take with me - any suggestions for filling no cook meals are welcome -
 mainly vegetarian)
This month I am going through all the direct debits for insurance, utilities, bills... to see if I can save anywhere - I am thinking about switching to a bank that rewards newbies too.
University boy has just done this and is £125 better off!  Have you switched banks and had a cashback? was it worth the switch?
Our cat is now 12 1/2 and her health insurance jumped from £14 a month to £17.60 at renewal... so I shopped around and found one that was £8 a month for a similar cover level!
I'm quite interested in money saving at the moment
if anyone else is assessing their budget and has some success stories to share, please
leave a comment so I can visit your blog.


  1. Betty we are frugal too as the big one is coming up soon. Hope you get to come up to the BIg L soon. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. The bread looks lovely and I'm very impressed with the pumpkin carving.
    Rice, cous cous and pasta salads are all good, cheap and easy for packed lunches. xxx

  3. Pet insurance is a good idea! You're so good to your Amber Cat!
    I found it VERY hard to pack a good lunch when I was working. I hated the pressure of predicting what I might like to eat and I still do!
    When you have to pack for dinner something hot always sounds good. Cheery.

    Take care, good friend. I love reading your thoughts.

  4. hi betty I have blog post up about your swap


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