Friday, 31 October 2014


It has been the hottest Halloween on record here in sunny Surrey, it was t shirts for us today as we hopped on a train and headed to Brighton for the day - just over the border to equally sunny Sussex!

First there was a bit of browsing of The Lanes, quite a few shops had done really good displays for Halloween - Cyber Candy was spectacular with lots of candles suspended in mid air, a book of spells and pumpkins....

A lovely painted pumpkin and ghostly dress with leaves in this vintage dress shop.

Another shop window full of severed limbs....

and with plenty of party hats on sale.

As it was very sunny, there is a lot of reflection on some of my pictures, but you can get the idea!

A cauldron of spiders

we walked up to the marina end via the residential side streets, quite a few parties were being planned for tonight....this was the best display...

This was our own front door, the pumpkins lit up when it got dark.
This was the queue of young people waiting to buy their fancy dress at Partido this afternoon... it was the same at Revamp Fancy Dress in Sydney Street where the queue to pay at the tills went through the shop and out on to the street! 

This year more than ever people were dressed up, during the afternoon we saw a lot of vampires out of their comfort zone on the Brighton streets in all that sunshine!  Most of the shop workers had face painted and dressed up as ghouls, ghosts and zombies.  I think a lot of very creative people live, work and attend University in Brighton.

We lay on the beach, ate samosas and then found a train home, sore feet but a great day out.  In fact, one of the best days out I have had this year.


  1. Funny Betty how it is getting more and more popular and we love seeing the little ones so enjoying the day. Have a fabulous Friday and Happy Halloween to all your family and may the day be a frightfully good one.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. looks like a great day Betty, I love Brighton,Happy Halloween! Xxxxx

  3. Halloween is getting more popular here to and the stores are full of halloween decorations and costumes.

    We used to get lots of kids dressed in costumes coming around our neighbourhood but in the past 10 years it seems no kids comes trick and treating anymore. They all grew up and moved away.

    Happy Halloween Betty. Thanks for the lovelt Halloween post.

  4. I'm happy to see that this fun kid celebration is taking hold more in England. We moved to Essex from Canada in 1997 and when my 10 year old son went out trick or treating most people didn't get it! It really is just harmless fun for the kids and I love to see their creative costumes!

  5. You made me quite nostalgic for Brighton. Wish I was back there, eating samosas on the beach. Happy Halloween x


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