Tuesday, 21 October 2014


We have an abundance of rosehips in the woods here, the birds are visiting frequently but there will be plenty for them.  I might pick a few for my halloween door wreath.  I like to make something for the door and have some little light up pumpkins to make mine more interesting, will show you next week.

I made loaves using spelt flour, it was delicious with hot soup.  I am interested in baking just now.  I think my now broken and long gone bread machine was not actually as indispensable as I imagined!  It was helpful to save time, but I missed out on the pleasure of handling the dough and kneading and I was restricting myself to the machine recipes only. So I have a library book to help me.  Do you bake bread? I think the smell has to be the most homely you could imagine.

Rosehip watercolour

I am managing to get by without my lost camera, pictures of today's paintings are from my Hudl tablet.  I might try to manage like this for a while and save up for a really good camera as I sometimes see the tail end of deer, foxes or birds but never have a suitable zoom to catch them.  So maybe that's a sealed pot challenge for 2015 - a good camera.  If you haven't heard of this challenge visit Sft blog **here**  we are all saving for trips and treats over on her blog and post our updates on a Sunday on her comments page.  Do you have something you want to save for? if so this group is great way to keep on track, there is just so much enthusiasm and motivation from everyone else.

Thistles watercolour
We have the tail end of a hurricane passing over the UK today so not surprisingly there have been some very high winds here.  There are many ancient trees in the woods behind me, some have preservation orders so cannot be cut down - but sadly they might blow down, we lost a few like this last year in similar winds.  The weather is making me think of winter clothes - I long for a long wool skirt that covers me right to the ankles but I don't think they are the fashion as there is none to be found... will have to watch out at  the charity shops.

This week I had a little minor op and am off work recuperating so next week will be more fun.  Tennage boy will be on school holiday so I have planned a few days out for us, I might post pictures using his mobile phone camera.


  1. It;s many years since I made my own bread, but used to love the smell of baking loaves.
    Lovely rosehips.

  2. Beautiful pictures Betty, you always perfectly capture the essence of the subject! I can smell your bread baking and I feel very hungry ... no such homely pleasures for me today as my paintbrush is calling me ... Hope you have a speedy recovery my lovely xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about your op, get well soon. xxx

  4. Lovely water colours as always Betty. Not made time to do any baking in ages. Yesterday was a well windy one here too. It was kind of scary on the park. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Beautiful watercolours .... hope you feel better real soon and enjoy your days out next week! Anita x

  6. I love your thistle watercolour. There is nothing nicer than home made bread. I don't seem to have the time to make it by hand although Paul Hollywood has made me think I really should make time. :)

  7. Goes without saying that I wish you well very quickly. I can smell that bread from here. Might have a go at it on my DAYS off!!lol Your thistle painting is beautiful. Loving your 'new look' background. Breath of fresh air to see you here. x

  8. I bake bread all the time!!! love it!! I have never used a bread machine....I have lots of bread baking books too!! so wonderful...there are lots easy and delicious recipes!!
    I adore birds and wildlife.....your sounds are heaven!!
    I so envy your talent for water color....I would love to make a real go of it sometime ..and thanks so for stopping by my site!!!

  9. Hi Betty, the sealed pot challange for a new camera sounds like a great idea. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your op. Enjoy your time next week, my daughter and I are so ready for this little break, GCSE year this year,scary. Take care lovely ,julie xxx

  10. Hope you're recovering well Betty x

  11. Lovely! My daughter is taking watercolor class currently. I'm no good at art of any kind, but enjoy seeing others creations.


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