Friday, 17 October 2014

October Colour

 I have  been finding the odd chestnut that the squirrels rejected - they are so quick - there is a community orchard near here that has a lot of fruit and nut can help yourself.... I lost my camera- disappointed - so am resorting to some pictures you may have seen before.. like this little watercolour....

 I love these berries they are everywhere at the moment - they are almost translucent. I don't know their name - possibly from briony?

 Here's an Autumnal silk painting from a few years ago when I first started painting and blogging, I couldn't tell you where it is now though! I don't often keep my paintings, there isn't much space here so they get given away or repurposed into lavender bags that get given away! who knows.  These are the colours of the woods and gardens around here just now.

Someone scraped my car,  - and they left without saying .... disappointing.  Life's full of disappointments I suppose so we plod on... and try and find the bright side.  Here's another old Autumnal silk, (the white bits are salt)  - October is the month of all things orange- we have pumpkins in the shops, Halloween decorations these days are easy to find and cheap to buy, even the supermarket cakes are orange iced! 

We decided not to decorate big this year as the boys are now adults and not really interested in ice hands floating in blackcurrent juice, plastic maggots that wriggle when warmed in the hand, water pistol squirts through the letterbox, trick or treating for sweets... all in the past now.

Maybe a pumpkin?... maybe.


  1. I enjoyed all your autumn pictures, the little watercolour of the horse chestnut is lovely.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  2. Love the water colours. Sorry about your car. Some people just have no manners. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It is a bummer to lose your camera and can only hope it turns up.

    Pretty pictures from your files. Yes, Orange is a picker upper!

  4. Hello Betty, so sorry to hear about you losing your camera & also someone scraping your car. I had that happen recently to me in the city & they didnt leave a note also. Your post is still bright & colourful even if they are all old photos, love the autumny colourings.

  5. Love the little watercolour of the chestnut and the paintings on silk. You have captured the colours of Autumn perfectly.

  6. I hope your camera turns up, too! You are so dear to make lavender bags from your lovely paintings.

    1. I do enjoy making something useful out of the silk, but have run out of ideas! I think my camera got left in the grass when I was lying down plane spotting ha ha!

  7. Arggghhhh...the third time I've tried to comment.
    Hope the camera shows up soon, the horse chestnut painting is gorgeous and I absolutely love the screen print. xxx
    PS My cats don't like your bird song, they're hiding!

    1. thanks for persevering! blogger is very temperametal at times.


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