Sunday, 12 October 2014

October Gratitude

We have sporadic heavy rains here in the UK, I was driving teenage boy home from an after school shopping trip, the sky went dark, the thunder and lightening performed, the rain hammered down, I was cross, not more rain! and he said 'don't get so annoyed, look on the bright side - you're getting a free car wash, just enjoy it'... And I realised how right he was, and that I had forgotten how much I like watching rain, how clean and fresh the garden is after a shower and how pretty flowers are when laden with raindrops.

The garden is full of red - my lovely creeper is creeping its last before shedding those beautiful Autumn leaves.

Painting has been a bit like the weather, sporadic.  I did a bit more on the mixed media painting, it's a field of flowers, mostly dandelions - it needs lots of layers and there is a lot of drying in between so it is taking too long - I am losing interest - that happens.....

 So I will put it away for a while until inspiration strikes again.

The outdoor pot plants have come inside to keep us company.  my lemon tree is so grateful it is sprouting flowers, the odd stray ladybird is still pottering along eating random less attractive insects that might still be clinging on to the odd leaf.
Thoughts turn to food, warmth and comfort is always about food I think.  We are having casseroles, cosy dinners of sausage and mash, hot chocolate and cappucino - it's all about comfort.

Winter clothes are out.  I love tartans and plaids, purples and plums.  I ordered a new skirt of purples and greens, warm velvet with embroidery (I don't like shopping so do it online if possible).    I ordered snorkels for us all for our winter beach holiday too and tee shirts for the men all from at knock down prices.

I hope to read plenty on my holiday but what to read? Any suggestions?  I will look through all the free kindl book choices on Amazon, there must be plenty there.  This will be the first time  I have travelled without heavy books in my case but probably with more books to read than ever before thanks to technology!


  1. We have been so lucky all Spring and Summer this rain does feel harsh but really we just got too spoilt. We too have to move on to Winter clothes to go out and walk but hey ho it is October. Free kindle sounds like a good idea Betty.Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Kindle is a wonderful device to take on holiday. Load it up well!

  3. Young minds often give us a different perspective on things, don't they? My Grandson often pulls me up in a nice way and he's usually right. lol
    I just LOVE the mixed media work you are doing, it's simply stunning.

  4. I love your Dandelion piece Betty, it really is looking beautiful, I am sure when it is finished it will be well worth the time and effort spent!

  5. Hi Betty, I love October, all of the changing leaves and colours,so pretty. I'm with your son and when it pours with rain, I say to hubby,never mind, we are getting the windows cleaned :) Love the dandelion picture its so beautiful. I sorted my wardrobe this week and put away all of my summer clothes,it s so cold. I love my kindle, I havent downloaded any books for a while,I ve so many already on there to read, I don t know that I ll ever read them all,as crochet is still taking over all of my free time :) happy week ahead lovely ,Xxxxxx love julie xxxx

  6. Your study looks so inviting. Can just see you snuggled in with a good book. Have you read any of Jane Gardem? Bet you would like her. It may be G A R D A M. Have a look on Amazon.

  7. Summer has thoroughly spoilt us, hasn't it? Its been a dry weekend but an appalling day today! Lovely garden and conservatory. That painting looks wonderful. x

  8. Hello Betty
    It's lovely to meet you via the letter swap and your lovely blog.
    Your garden looks interesting as Autumn has her turn to shine.
    I love your son's thoughtful comment about the rain - so practical!
    It must be lovely sitting in your conservatory and observing the bird life that visits your garden.
    I'm off to work but I will be back tomorrow to have a good read through your blog to learn more about you!


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