Monday, 6 October 2014

Blog Hop

 I have been invited by Anne **here** to join a blog hop organised by Julie **here**where you tell a little about yourself.....I  haven't done a hop in ages, forgot the format and have not listed the questions, but here's mine anyway......

This is pretty much what I look like, an adult sized wood fairy, probably the only one as I have yet to meet others.  You can't see my wings unless you believe in fairies.  I occasionally fly, usually at night - it's funny - because I always think I have been dreaming afterwards, everyone else is asleep so it's my secret.  I do have fairy dust too ... it comes from the sparkle wellies I won in a blogging giveaway a year or so back - there's still plenty of sparkle left.

 This little squirrel is my woodland friend, he comes daily to eat an apple from my garden but I often fly up into the trees to see what he is doing.  He has a very untidy nest in an oak tree full of acorns.

This is the magic squirrel, only seen very occasionally, usually when there is a rainbow - he is real, possibly unusual and very beautiful.  I don't think any other woods near here have one like him.

My house is just behind woodland in leafy Surrey suburbia,

 close to an airport, a 45 min train ride to the pebble beaches of Brighton or the bright lights of London depending on which direction I choose.  I spend a lot of my spare time in the woods and fields around here walking and sometimes painting what I have seen.

dandelion on silk (still wet!)

What am I doing at the moment?  Painting dandelions - I am experimenting with mixed media on silk (doesn't that sound arty!)  and so far have completed the silk painted background.   I haven't done mixed media before so it may not work out, but there's no point in standing still, art should be adventurous and fun I think.  If it isn't how I want, I will simply leave it in the woods and the fairies will make dresses from it.

 I blog because I like the connection with other bloggers, those in other countries particularly, their neighborhood and environment, because their part of the world is different to mine.  Creative bloggers inspire and motivate me to be creative too. In my younger days I explored some beautiful countries, nowadays blogging is my means of exploring the World.

here's a swap I did once with Lou from Emerald Isle

I really enjoy postal swaps  it is so much fun -  not only to receive something special from another blogger - but also the challenge of  making and finding gifts to send them on a given theme.

one of the gifts Louise sent on same swap - still treasured
  I recently organised my own swap - you can read about what I swapped with my partner Claire  if you browse through my blog a little.

  I have also won some lovely giveaways - the most beautiful being my Hunter Sparkle Wellies mentioned earlier - they really are full of glitter.

oops, I seem to have lost one, will have to do a spell to try and find it.

I will leave you with a picture of Ambercat - we love her dearly, she likes walks in the woods, fish and having her hair brushed (daily, by all four of us - she's always asking!).

Thank you for stopping by, I don't have anyone to pass the hop on to so instead am casting a spell that will compel anyone who believes in fairies to continue the good work, leave a comment and maybe do a little post about yourself... anyone reading my comments will know where to find you! Magic.


  1. What a nice read! Loving the sparkly wellies and Ambercat! x

  2. The fairies are getting ready for winter. Little by little, they are saying good bye to the warm seasons. In their earthy homes, they are taking their warm cloaks from the pegs by the door and checking for holes. Soon they'll be spending time in their downy twig chairs, mending and drinking tea from their acorn cups.
    You're a good fairy! Hello to Amber cat! She's pretty! Take care, dearest. I love your dandelion paintings VERY MUCH! (BIG HUG!)

  3. Love the dandelions. Ambercat looks very sweet and contented. We have Autumn weather here at last and sadly today has been miserable and raining. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I'm so glad to have such a Good Wood Fairy in my life. Lovely post and I absolutely ADORE the dandelions! Well done Betty and thanks so much for being part of the blog hop. Have a good week, Good Wood

  5. Hi Betty, I loved reading this post, thanks so much for taking part in the blog hop. I am in danger of repeating myself but your silk painting is just beautiful, as is Ambercat :-)

  6. Hello to all in the wood. You are so fortunate to have such a lovely wood to flutter in. The dandelion pieces you are working on are beautiful and so is ambercat. I wish I had a magic squirrel! :)

  7. I've just got back from Brighton .... a lovely area in which to live. Loved the glimpse into your life and I DO believe in fairies!
    Jacqui xx

  8. I do looove your dandelions, beautiful. I agree, blogging is a fab way to connect with folk all around the world!

  9. oh cute stuff Betty..
    the fairy,squirrel,boots, kitty
    love it all(:)
    have a wonderful day ~~


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