Thursday, 25 September 2014

Colour Post - sunglasses required

I have been hugely influenced by this new library book I found randomly - it is so exciting - if you like reading about colour (I do) and seeing lots of it - the book tells how colour has different meanings in different cultures,  how it affects and influences our moods and behaviour .... the photography is extremely good and draws the reader in with colour sections about historical use, tradition, superstition, etc.

These are the colours in my wardrobe at this time of year - not sure what they say about me; I like everything grouped in colour order - I like plummy pinks purples and greys - these are all things that I have bought over several years but I notice I always come back to these colours in the Autumn... I like to choose my clothes each day according to what colour I am 'in the mood for' - do you?   Colour feeds the soul

In my younger days I travelled a bit  - the most memorable places for me have been those with the most colour - India and Africa...(sorry blurry pictures as these holidays are ancient!)


Hong Kong

Memories of people are associated with colours for me:
My grandfather - his dusty pastel crayons spread out on his oak table in their boxes peeking from crisp white tissue layers.
My mother:  black and gold;  her 'special nights out' kaftan plus red lips and nails
My grandma: black and white newspapers as she made her own dressmaking patterns.
My granny: she only wore various shades of purple, especially her woollen purple kilt.

Are you a colour person? do you recall people by the colours they wore, Do you think of Cornwall and conjure up blue and white/boats and sails? ... London with red buses and phone boxes?  Florida with Mickey and Mini Mouse - those black ears  and Mini's red/white spot outfit? Thailand - the orange robes of the buddhist monks? .... these are all happy memories for me.

Before I go I just wanted to share a very happy burst of colour I received today

After a  little bit of a blip in my small world, things fell back into perspective when these arrived.  Everything feels right in the world very quickly when you have a blogging pen pal who sends  flowers and chocolate, you feel cheery and bright and your mood lightens, you stop worrying about, well, worries - because you can't solve everything in life ... and you just ... enjoy .... your flowers .....
and chocolates.....

gift from my buddy Anne x
So whilst I enjoy the colour of my lovely flowers, and dip back into my library book and absorb myself in colour (think I will look at the chocolate/browns chapter now).... I wish you a happy weekend.  Thanks for stopping by - come back soon.


  1. I know what you mean about keep going back to the same colours, mine are red, pink, black, grey and cream. I love bright colours in my home and if you take a peek at my last post you'll see my very, very bright cheerful new flooring in the kitchen.
    By the way, I love the birdsong background.

  2. My Mom never liked black, and my Grandmother always wore blue, thanks for that idea - I have never thought of colour in that way before.

  3. A lovely post Betty, that book looks very interesting, I think I shall hunt it out as I would like to read about colour in our lives. Beautiful bunch of flowers too :-)

  4. It is so cool that you experienced the colors of other countries. I especially love seeing hand-painted silk and other fabrics in lovely colors. Oh and batik is wonderful!

  5. The gesture of the flowers is a lovely surprise, Betty. We love colours but don't think of them for ourselves but more what is around us particularly in nature and of course this time of year we are truly spoilt. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  6. Dear Betty
    I'm absolutely a colour person, linking colours to seasons as well as moods. My favourites to wear are blues and blue/greens. I must admit to enjoying sorting my embroidery threads and wool and pencil crayons by colour too!
    Have a lovely colourful weekend!
    Best wishes

  7. How I love the colours of India, coming back to the UK after a month seems even more depressing surrounded by grey clad people! xxx

  8. What a lovely post and a very interesting book. I think I remember and am drawn to pattern as well as colour as I remember people long ago by their patterned clothes. My Gran flowery apron. My cousins arran jumper. A patterned China teaset at my aunts. Isn't it wonderful that colour can evoke such magic!

  9. Well, right now colour me happy because it's Friday!! Of course, pink figures a lot in my life at the moment, as you've seen and the weekend will be filled with sequins and sparkle in all different colours because it's the start of 'Strictly'! So glad you like your flowers (any chocs left?!) xxx

  10. Such a lovely post Betty, I love colour too, though I have only recently begun to realsie it more in my work! Shall have to try and get a hold of this book, it sounds wonderful. I recently got to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in Aberdeen, sooo much colour there too, it was so inspiring. What precious blogfriend to send a healing bunch of flowers.

  11. Hi Betty! Sometimes I read posts on my iPad and then I mean to come back when I'm using my laptop so I can type faster (and make less mistakes). I thought I commented on this fun post. Sorry! I do love color and lots of it but I do have my favorite hues. Lately it's red. I know you like red, too!

  12. Hi Betty,I enjoyed sharing your colour memories,just wonderful. I do hope everything s alright ? pretty flowers from a kind thoughtful friend :0) I hope you ve had a good summer,I'm afraid I ve neglected my blog of late,but hope to get back into it now that the nights are drawing in and the colder weather. Have a lovely week ahead dear friend,best wishes Juliexxx


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