Sunday, 21 September 2014

September Nature Table

 Just updating this post that the My Home to Your Home Swap I hosted is now completed.  Participants have posted on their own blogs about their parcels.  Thank you all for taking part.

Today we had a family walk alongside the River Mole, up to the airport perimeter and watched take offs and landings for some time.  There was a large family watching with us so we counted how many pilots waved to the children!  You can get right up to where the three trees are and get a very close view.

 There are so many beautiful colours along this walk - reds, browns, yellows.....

We often have magic finds on our walks ...  this year we have seen the white squirrel, the blackbirds nest with eggs and the beehive in a tree ... This was one of those days too, we found a birds nest very close to the path. I checked with the RSPB website when I got home, some birds still use their nests in winter to roost, sadly this one was dislodged and broken, maybe by a predator.

We also found plenty of conkers, chestnuts and pine cones - the cones are green and waxy and covered in drips of pine oil - they smell lovely.

Today's walk was completely about colour - the lime and forest greens, reds and yellows, browns and russets, even the river with it's muddy bottom, grey fish and ruby red dragonflies skimming around.
I am reading a book all about colour, how it has affected and influenced us throughout history - maybe a post for another day.

 Wishing you a week filled with colour!


  1. Hi Betty! A bird's nest! Yay! How perfect! I love the basket (from Nana) of conkers, too. You have lovely walks and I like it when you share your musings.

  2. Conkers and sweet chestnuts are so Autumnal, aren't they?

  3. I love that quote- I'd like to make one for the book room. I also love that basket and would like to make one for our conkers! I will be flying into London for a weekend in just under two weeks. Maybe you can wave to me!

  4. Such lovely photos, I haven't seen a conker yet, I need to go exploring. xxx

  5. Love this time of year Betty and you are so lucky to have your magical walks. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Such a lovely autumn walk. You were very lucky to find that little nest!
    Helen xox

  7. How very enchanting Betty! You clearly have a "magic touch", that's why you are the "wood fairy" no doubt! Your world is so interesting - conkers? Is that what I would call an acorn? I love how you spell "colour" instead of "color", as here in the US. Somehow it makes the word even more special! Your post reminds me of an interesting audio book I just listened to on Librivox called "After London, or Wild England"

  8. Your nature table is beautiful. So happy your wishes were granted!

  9. A lovely walk Betty and your nature table is so pretty! I love collecting conkers ... the glossy newness of them is just gorgeous ... I had a big bowl of them on my hearth once but they went mouldy quite quickly ... oh well, they were beautiful while they lasted!

    So glad you like the picture ... the scent from the lavender bags you gave me greets me every time I open Dotty's door xxx

  10. Such a lovely walk and you brought back treasure! The conkers look brilliant in the basket! Autumn is definitely here. Have a good week,

  11. Visiting for the first time and have enjoyed getting to know you and had some lovely reads here. And enjoyed the bird song too. We also live near an airport and have a pleasant walk we do. Your discoveries remind me of the nature journals I did with my children each week as they were growing up. This is my favourite time of year for walks in the woods. Ann


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