Sunday, 31 August 2014


One of my favourite times of year is the week teenage boy helps pick elderberries and make sore throat cordial (it's just the berries, a little water and sugar to taste simmered up and strained)  It's also very nice in champagne or gin!

silk painting from a few years ago of elder and rowan berries -
 this summer my painting has been mostly DIY on walls and ceilings!

The berry picking was done on the route to the church we like.

 We lit candles and rested awhile before the long walk home

I have enjoyed these walks with teenage boy so much.  
Will he still enjoy them next year? or prefer his own pursuits I wonder.....

Thankyou for stopping by and reading my ramblings - have you been foraging and making too?


  1. I don't think I'd recognise an elderberry!
    We have blackberries galore in our garden, I've been making chutney, muffins and crumbles with them for weeks. xxx

  2. Glad you both got to spend time together Betty and now we say bye, bye to Summer and hello to bountiful Autumn. Have a serene easy Sunday now.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. My foraging is in the greenhouse picking tomatoes!
    That looked like a wild Snapdragon flower, not often seen.

  4. Oh, lovely lovely England! Lucky you, Betty! Beautiful stone church and your silk painting - sooooo gorgeous! I took a class years ago and didn't take to it, but you are indeed very accomplished. If you're still able to get teenage boy to church, then you are very accomplished at that, too!

  5. I've been foraging this morning too Betty! Got a big tubful of blackberries ... I'll freeze them until I have a lot, then make jam and blackberry vodka for Christmas. We saw a beautiful barn owl being stalked and chased by 3 magpies ... Wish I'd had my camera! The elderflower cordial sounds and looks lovely xxx

  6. Blackberry muffins sound delicious Vix.

  7. Is that what they are? I didn't know - its the first time I have seen them growing round here, they are so beautiful - I wonder if the huge amount of rain in the winter/spring has caused different plants to flourish this Summer?

  8. Wish we had elderberries over in our neck of the woods. They must be luscious and versatile.

    Your silk painting is gorgeous. Would look pretty on a blouse.

  9. I love that little church very much! I also love it that you are walking with your son. SO special!

  10. I've never made anything with elderberries. I bet it taste delicious.The only foraging I've done is three batches of Lady Asburnham pickles for our church auction. The summer has been too busy.


  11. Outside my back gate is some council planting. So far I've picked brambles,rosehips (looking for a recipe for syrup if you know of any) and blackcurrants. Not bad for a council scheme! On the other hand, I'm fed-up picking plums at work and raspberries and apples but that's another story as you well know! Love the look of your elderflower cordial. Looks very healthy! Have a good week, Betty. x

  12. My Mum has loads of them growing in her new garden and doesn't know what to do with them. I'll suggest your cordial to her.

  13. What a delight to see that big pot of elderberries!! Wonderful! Do you find that you can just snap off the bunches quite easily? I bet you could get very messy hands picking them if you didn't take care. I shall have to be especially sharp eyed this next season here & keep a record of the elders around our neighbourhood that I can harvest from. Much love Catherine x0x0x

    1. yes the bunches snap off easily, there is a knack - also I have teenage boy to hold the tall branches down over my basket and so I have two hands free to snap the clusters off really fast! (although we do leave some very high ups for the birds)


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