Friday, 13 June 2014

Sunning my nobbly knees on Brighton beach!  Sunbathing turned into an hour of seasidy sleep at the end of a lovely day wandering the lanes and exploring the back streets of Brighton.  No shopping that day, just sun and sea.

Whilst horizontal I contemplated the swap I am hosting - we need more people to join, overseas swappers particularly welcome!  Thanks very much to those of you who have mentioned the swap or posted the button if you are a follower/reader and would mention the swap that would be great - thankyou!

Blogging Joiners so far:

Nana Go-Go
Cornish Cream
African Aussie
My Threadbare Life
Dosie Rosie
Moonstruck Creations
Betty and Annie
The Patchwork Robin/Melanie
Toadstool Tales
 Mad About Bags
***Kimberley**** haven't found a way to contact you see my post 16/6/14 about this please!!!
Sprouting Creative Wings
Peonnies & Pennies
Vintage Hearth
Joanne Wilson

More please!!!!


  1. Betty, I'm having a problem adding the button to my blog. Any ideas?

    1. Sorry just catching on messages, been at work all day - I have emailed you, hope it works ok.

  2. Lucky you Betty. We so could do with a day at the beach lounging in the sun. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. There were a lot of very well groomed dogs around the beach, they all looked a bit hot and bothered though molly. Think you would be jumping in for a paddle!

  3. Brighton Beach has always sounded so romantic. Hope your time there was great fun.

    1. I think you would love it Nancy, there's always so much to see

  4. Hi Fairy Betty! The lure of those knees and that pebbly beach was enticingly great, and here I am making my first blogland visit in quite some time! Stay right where you are; I'll get the ice-creams. Or maybe some cockles? Maybe soon I'll even get myself organised for one your swaps, not this one though. It does sound fab! You do organise most interesting swaps xx

    1. Nice to see you blogging again Mags, Shame you're so far away as I would love to sit on the beach and eat ice cream with you! Betty

  5. Oh, I love summer naps. I had a lovely one today on the living room sofa. The clouds had come and the cool wind was blowing through the window. I love the warm-footed feeling of summer!

  6. That looks like bliss, its been years since I lay on Brighton beach! xxx

  7. Oh my- I have some wonderful memories of our time spent in Brighton- it's so lovely there. You picked the perfect spot to take a little afternoon nap in the sun!

    Thanks so much for stopping by:)



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